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14 Ways to Love A Little Valentine

Celebrate the little loves in your life with our favorite V-day picks! Curated by educators and Cupid approved, these sweet selects are sure to make you melt this Holiday!

Wooden Bow & Arrows 

Cuter than Cupid’s, this beginner bow & arrow set is sustainably crafted with poplar wood and felt arrows. Designed in sizes small and large, this handmade set is perfect for lovestruck littles of all ages.

Rattan Luvya Bag

What can you store in this magical heart-shaped basket? Oh, the possibilities are endless! It’s the perfect size for your little one to tote their favorite treasures. Did we mention the Luvya Bag adds more than a fun touch to an adult’s off-duty outfit too? Designed for adventures big and small, Luvya Bags are a darling way to pack up in playful way.

Heart Suncatcher Kit

Spread a little love with this festive & creative project. Perfect for all ages, this adorable heart suncatcher reflects vibrant colors like stainless glass in any window. Each kit a one-of-a-kind creation using sustainably sourced tissue papers! Give the gift of connection by crafting a mindful moment with your Valentines.

Cupid Felt Mouse

This adorable handmade felt mouse is the perfect Valentine’s Day token of love for your little! As a storytelling catalyst and prop, mouse is a character in kiddo’s imaginary world, helping to grow language and literacy skills, and even your little one’s empathy. As a transitional tool, they can help support social growth during times of separation or new experiences.

Rattle Balls

Rattle and roll with your littlest loves this Vday and beyond! These adorable balls wrapped in soft linen make a sweet jingle when you shake them and are great for all ages. They come in a pack of three and are designed with a beautiful color palette that doubles as a playful accent for any space. 

Mini Heart Crayons

Painterly heart crayons make the perfect gift for classmates, party favors and sweet coloring crafts long after Valentine’s day!

Custom Tic-Tac-Toe Game

A heartfelt twist on one of our favorite games, this tic tac toe game is customizable for the valentines in your life. A simple way to invite open ended play for your family year round, with heart shaped tokens of love.  

Mum & Dad Mice

These sweet matchbox mice brings a smile to all ages. Perfect for teaching a child about family and encouraging empathy, these pretend friends can be a gentle, effective tool during times of social learning, such as starting a new school year, traveling or welcoming a new family member. Designed by Maileg, Mom and Dad are handmade from soft cotton and come with a blanket, mattress and pillow. From dollhouses to nightstands, these mice make for the perfect children’s gift and provide comfort for generations.

Peace & Love Dove Mindfulness Board

Breathing boards are a brilliant way to help children practice the art of mindfulness. Taking a few minutes out of their day to sit with their board and trace the lines can help them regulate their nervous system and strengthen their capacity for focus and inner reflection. This open-ended centering activity can be used throughout the day and serves as a valuable resource for children who struggle with anxiety or overstimulation.

Heartfelt Garland

Add a heart felt touch to any space with a three-dimensional garland to celebrate the little loves in your life! Supporting one of our favorite shops, Meri Meri, this adorable garland features 15 gently padded hearts in 5 sweet colors and a natural cord to decorate with love year round.

Happy Hearts Board Game

The Mindful & Co Kids Happy Hearts is a hand-illustrated board game that will bring joy and laughter to the classroom, playroom, and family time. Combining science-backed mindfulness techniques (like gratitude and body awareness) with yoga and breathing, this sweet game will help little hearts bloom and little minds grow!

Positivity Potion Kit

Give the gift of open-ended sensory exploration with this MagickFolk potion kit. Handmade in small batches, this non-toxic set is a recipe for love and positive vibes for your valentine!

Classic Red Scooter

Celebrate V day in style with this undeniably chic scooter. It’s unique and highly developed angle control system regulates the turning range of the front wheels which facilitates turning and navigation, making steering a snap! Going out for a fun scooter ride will develop your little one’s coordination, balance, and fine motor skills, increasing self-esteem and making them unstoppable riders!

Attitude of Gratitude

Give the gift of gratitude with this thoughtful message to inspire an attitude of gratitude every day. This decorative conversational piece invites communicating ways we can express the things we most appreciate and encourage our littles to reflect upon gratefulness in a mindful way.

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