5 Free Ways to Use Class Dojo


5 Free Ways to Use Class Dojo: In the digital age, technology has revolutionized the way we connect, communicate, and track progress. ClassDojo, a popular communication platform for teachers, parents, and students, has emerged as a game-changer in the education landscape. From fostering seamless parent-teacher communication through photos and videos to providing free digital portfolios for showcasing student work, ClassDojo offers an array of features that enrich the learning experience. In this blog post, we will explore five compelling ways educators can leverage ClassDojo to enhance parent communication, student tracking, and engagement.

1. Parent Communication through Photos and Videos:

ClassDojo’s photo and video sharing feature allows teachers to provide parents with an inside look at their child’s daily activities in the classroom. Teachers can capture memorable moments, classroom projects, field trips, and special events, and share them with parents in real-time. This visual communication fosters a strong sense of involvement, enabling parents to be an active part of their child’s educational journey. Parents, in turn, can engage with their children about their experiences, encouraging deeper conversations and strengthening the parent-teacher bond.

Younger students often struggle with communicating accurately what they did at school that day. By utilizing the ClassDojo’s photo and video sharing feature, teachers can show parents exactly what they did that day and help prompt conversations about learning activities and situations at home. This is a huge bonus for teachers who provide hands-on learning activities over worksheets to document learning. This is just one of the 5 Free Ways to Use Class Dojo.

2. Messages with Time Stamps for Read Receipts:

Effective communication is a two-way street, and ClassDojo makes it easier for teachers and parents to stay on the same page. With messages that come with time stamps, parents can see when a message was sent and when it was read, ensuring that important updates and announcements are not missed. This feature promotes timely responses, facilitates productive discussions, and minimizes misunderstandings, ultimately benefiting the student’s overall learning experience.

I chose this as one of the 5 Free Ways to Use Class Dojo because I have seen this system as easier to use and manage verse email. Although many teachers use email, some email providers stack emails. For example, if you email your entire class and ask parents a question when parents reply it can sometimes make it hard to know when you miss an email. ClassDojo tells you if and when an email was read. Additionally, communication is documented by the student’s family members, which can make it easy to access later on by searching your entire email log.

3. Class Dojo Behavior Management:

ClassDojo’s behavioral tracking system empowers teachers to create a positive and conducive learning environment. With an array of options to award positive behavior and address negative behavior, educators can customize the platform to suit their classroom dynamics. Students receive instant feedback and acknowledgment for their efforts, encouraging positive habits and attitudes. Additionally, teachers can discreetly communicate with individual students about areas of improvement, helping them grow both academically and personally.

You can choose to share points with families, share just positive points, and many other options. Additionally, you can choose not to use the point option at all. What an amazing and Free way to Use ClassDojo. This is how to use ClassDojo as a teacher.

4. Free Digital Portfolios for Sharing Work Samples and Progress:

Gone are the days of physical portfolios that might get lost or damaged. ClassDojo offers free digital portfolios where teachers can document and store students’ work samples, projects, and assessments. Parents gain access to their child’s portfolio, providing a comprehensive overview of their academic progress and development. This feature facilitates a deeper understanding of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling parents and teachers to collaboratively support the child’s growth and learning journey.

Another reason I chose this as one of the 5 Free Ways to Use Class Dojo is because of the use of use. If you are ever in a data meeting and asked for a writing sample or student performance sample that you don’t expect, you can simply open ClassDojo and scroll inside student portfolios to access the information you have stored there. Additionally, parents can see portfolios and this is another way to be a clear communicator with them.

5. Big Ideas, Big Conversations Section:

One section of ClassDojo that may not be talked about is the Ideas section. This section includes social-emotional components and supports that teachers can use in whole groups or small groups to support the needs of the class. Topics include conundrums, a growth mindset, and so much more. What a great and powerful resource for 5 Free Ways to Use Class Dojo.

5 Free Ways to Use Class Dojo

In conclusion, ClassDojo has transformed the way parents, teachers, and students interact and engage with one another. Through photos and videos, parents can gain valuable insights into their child’s classroom experiences, while messages with time stamps ensure timely and effective communication. The platform’s behavioral tracking system promotes positive behaviors, while the free digital portfolios showcase student progress and achievements. By leveraging these powerful features, educators can create an inclusive and supportive learning community that nurtures the growth and success of every student. ClassDojo is a remarkable tool that exemplifies the potential of technology in enhancing education and strengthening parent-teacher partnerships.


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