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Free Christmas Graph Worksheet with Reindeer Game Cookies

If you want a free Christmas Graph Worksheet using Reindeer Game cookies, you have found the jackpot. I plan to use these cookies and freebie Christmas Worksheets on our Reindeer Day before Christmas. And YES, this HUGE set of printables is 100% free. Yes, free printable kindergarten and preschool Christmas graphing.

First, grab these Mother’s Reindeer Games Cookies. I found these on Amazon. But, I found individual bags that are perfect for classroom use at Target. Now, these are seasonal cookies and you may be unable to find them outside of the Christmas season.

Sorting With Christmas Worksheet

To begin this activity with the Mother’s Reindeer Games Cookies is to sort. The easiest way to sort the cookies is by color. Check out this Free Christmas Graph Worksheet to help with sorting.

As another way to sort, you can sort using the little horns and big horns as shown above or below. I love the sorting mat options that you can use with words or pictures.

I love to have students sort their cookie packages. You can do table sorts if you desire as well, which allows students to sort bigger numbers.

Free Christmas Graph Worksheet

Once sorting has occurred, students can try to graph the cookies from their pack. Students can add their Reindeer Game cookie pieces to the graph and they can color it in. I highly recommend students use a different color for each type.

Now, once your students are done graphing, of course, they can eat these yummy cookies.

Extend Math With These Free Christmas Worksheets

Because students always need to review and practice math skills, why not extend math with these free Christmas worksheets that are perfect for practicing addition and comparing numbers!? Students need to sort their cookies first, then they can add the number of that specific cookie number to the printable. Finally, they can add or compare the numbers using the cookies as counters.

What if You Don’t Have the Cookies?

I hear from teachers that sometimes they can’t use food items in the classroom or they may be limited to using food items in the classroom. Although I find this sad, I hear you. I have some free Christmas graph worksheets that you can use without the Reindeer Games cookies.

These printables have plates of cookies or baggies of cookie-free Christmas Graph worksheets you can print and use.

Snag These Printables for Free

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