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6+ Children’s Books About Grudges

As a part of my conflict resolution unit in second grade, I always include a lesson on letting things go or letting go of grudges. Below you’ll find some awesome children’s books about grudges to help your students understand what grudges are, how grudges negatively impact our social, emotional, and mental well-being, and how to let go of grudges.

Children’s Books About Grudges

The Sour Grape

The Sour Grape hasn’t always been sour – he used to be sweet! But an old grudge has changed the trajectory of his whole life. Will he be able to let go and find that sweet grape he once was?

Liam Conquers Fort Grape

Liam and his dad are building a fort. But Liam’s feelings get hurt so he decides to change the fort to exclude others. Will he be able to use the FORT strategy to let go of his grudge so he can get back to enjoying time with his neighborhood friends?

The Grudge Grizzly

Follow along with Deer and Squirrel as they visit Grudge Grizzly looking for help letting go of an old grudge. Will Squirrel be able to let go so that he can enjoy the present instead of living in the past?

Looking for some awesome children's books about grudges? You'll love these titles that help kids understand and let go of grudges.

Don’t Hug a Grudge

Grudges seem harmless enough. You might even want to pick them up and give them more attention! But the more attention you give them, the more they grow.

The Grudge Keeper

Cornelius keeps the grudges for the townspeople of Bonnyripple. But what happens when a storm blows the grudges and the people together? Will they be able to get past their squabbles?

Bella the Terrible’s Horrible Grudge

From the author: “Bella the Terrible’s candy is all gone—and Marlo the Menace is entirely responsible. Sasha, Suni, Carlos, Trevor, and Alex step in to try and make things right. But will Bella the Terrible ever forgive Marlo the Menace for eating all her tastiest treats?”

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Looking for some awesome children's books about grudges? You'll love these titles that help kids understand and let go of grudges. Great for classroom guidance lessons on grudges, help kids let things go in conflict resolution counseling activities

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