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7 Clever Storage Solutions for Classroom Organization

As a classroom teacher, you may often find yourself in need of clever classroom storage solutions when your room doesn’t have a lot of cabinets or closets to store all those teaching supplies that you need throughout the year.

7 Clever Storage Solutions for Classroom Organization

From manipulatives for math to textbooks and teacher’s editions, there are plenty of things that need to find a spot to live in your classroom. Here are seven easy-to-implement classroom storage ideas that will help keep your classroom organized and running smoothly.

Classroom Storage Ideas That Work

Depending on the space available and limitations as far as hanging things in your classroom, some of the ideas may work well, and some may not be an option. Pick and choose the ones that will work for you and give you that classroom storage that you so desperately need!

Affiliate links are included in the ideas below to help you find the materials and storage solutions that will help you keep your classroom organized.

1 – Hang Up Pegboards

Pegboards are one of my favorite classroom storage hacks! They don’t take up a ton of space, but they can hold so many things! There are pegboard baskets that can be used for holding files and larger items, and then the simple pegs that are great for hanging scissors, rulers, and all types of things. You can even hang small buckets off the pegs and take them down to use in small groups or centers. Pegboards make storage a breeze and materials easy to access!

2 – Use Labeled Containers

It may sound simple, but labeling containers can be a game-changer! Place labeled containers around the classroom for items such as markers and crayons so students know where they should go after using them. By labeling the boxes and bins, students can easily help you keep the classroom organized. There are sticker labels that are great if you never have to remove them, but clip-on labels are also an option that make it easy to switch things up from year to year.

3 – Recycle Shoe Boxes

You can put all sorts of classroom supplies in a shoe box and label them with the contents, such as stationery or art supplies. If you want to get extra fancy, cover the shoe boxes in pretty adhesive paper to match your classroom’s color scheme! Shoe boxes are an inexpensive option for adding that much-needed classroom storage to your space!

4 – Use Over-the-Door Storage

Utilize the unused space behind classroom doors by installing an over-the-door organizer to store classroom items like flashcards, paper clips, erasers, etc. While you may not be able to put an organizer on your main classroom door, if you have a closet, an over-the-door organizer would work great there. Some teachers also use them for storing their treasure box rewards or classroom incentives!

5 – Hang Up Baskets and Buckets

Hang up a few extra-large wire baskets on the walls for classroom items like notebooks, folders, and textbooks that need to be easily accessible but stored properly too! For smaller items, use colorful buckets or containers so you can easily see what’s inside without having to dig around.

6 – Repurpose Furniture

Use an old, re-painted dresser or bookshelf as a classroom storage cabinet by adding baskets and labels to organize all the classroom stuff. You might even want to have a small bookcase by your center tables or area with all of the centers in tubs.

If you have an old dresser, label and use the drawers to store everything from science materials to math manipulatives to whiteboards and more! Drawer dividers can be really helpful! Just be sure that if you are using furniture in the classroom that it is properly anchored to the wall so that it doesn’t fall over on students. You may need to enlist the help of your school’s custodial and maintenance staff to assist with that.

7 – Make Use of Windowsills

Windowsills are some of the best places to grab some extra storage space in the classroom. Typically, they are deep enough to put boxes and bins on them without obstructing the view or blocking access. Some fire marshalls can be picky about things on the windowsills, so be sure to check with your administration before going gung-ho and decking out your sills with storage solutions!

As classroom teachers, we often need clever classroom storage solutions when our rooms don’t have enough cabinets or closets. With these seven easy-to-implement classroom storage ideas, you can keep your classroom organized and running smoothly without wasting too much space. From hanging pegboards to reusing old furniture, there are plenty of ways to create a functional yet stylish classroom environment that will surely make you and your students happy! So go ahead and start planning how to store all those supplies so everyone can focus on learning instead of clutter.


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