A Heart At Peace

Glancing at the calendar, I realized nearly a month has gone by

since I checked in here with you, dear reader.

this year marked a decade since that horrible moment in time.

I started 2023 back at the courthouse, only this time it would be to share my story with the people on probation for their DUI. It’s a blessing to try to save a life or severe injury through my partnership with MADD.

My goal was to affirm their feelings of the soul-crushing pandemic

and to share some resources for proactive self-care and wellBEing.

I encouraged them to work with intention on building healthy habits for their life so that they don’t need someone or something to help them escape from it, like in this old Calgon commercial.

It was interesting, how many colleagues reached out afterward,

to tell me that my talk was exactly what they needed to hear.

Click {here} for a freebie download to share with your staff.

The older and wiser I become, the more I realize how important

these soul-recharging energizers are to my health and wellness.

it was like a booster such of such incredible connection, hope and JOY.

When my heart is at peace, my body comes alive.

And that’s better than any bubble-bath moment, for sure.

Happy new year; what nourishes your soul?


Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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