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Access Denied: CBC Early Edition Series by Cathy Browne

Access Denied is an excellent series on CBC’s Early Edition, produced by Cathy Browne. The series takes a look into the lives of children and youth with disabilities and their families, as they struggle to access supports and services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inclusion BC is proud to announce an Inclusion BC media award to Cathy Browne and The Early Edition for her work on the series. The award will be given at our virtual AGM on October 5, 2020.

Access Denied: Disabled community pushes for policy change after woman died alone at B.C. hospital

People with disabilities left to die alone without support because of covid-19 protocols.

Story producer Cathy Browne speaks with Stephen Quinn about Ariis Knight’s death and why advocates say more needs to be done about providing support for those with disabilities in a hospital.

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Follow up piece:

Health minister responds to support denied to people with disabilities during stays at B.C. hospitals
Adrian Dix speaks with Stephen Quinn about the Ariis Knight’s death and why provincial protocols kept her from the support she needed during this pandemic.

Access Denied: Desperate families of kids with complex needs consider surrendering their children to the province

BC’s Ministry of Family and Child Development is under fire from parents who feel abandoned, isolated and defeated during this pandemic

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View the written column here

Follow up Pieces:

Access Denied: there are serious roadblocks for children with disabilities as they age out of government care

Associate producer Cathy Browne speaks with Stephen Quinn about the how halting government support impacts the lives of children with disabilities and their parents. Inclusion BC’s Executive Director Karla Verschoor was interviewed for the segment.

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Follow up piece:

Access Denied: kids with disabilities still not back in school

Cathy Browne speaks with Jason D’Souza about what she’s learned about the first week of school for kids with complex needs. Inclusion BC Director of Public Policy and Programs Erika Cedillo was interviewed for the segment.

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Read the written column here


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