Australia doesn’t need a ‘Behaviour Curriculum’. We need to implement Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) – The Centre for Inclusive Education


In a recent blog post, Melissa Close and Professor Linda Graham from C4IE challenge the Australian Senate Inquiry’s push for a ‘Behaviour Curriculum’ aimed at reducing classroom disruptions. They argue that this recommendation overly simplifies the complex nature of student behaviour, particularly overlooking the needs of specific students, such as those with ADHD, by not accounting for the diverse factors influencing behaviour. Instead, Close and Graham advocate for the adoption of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), proposing a more holistic educational approach. In their piece, they suggest implementing SEL through a multi-tiered, systematic approach to ensure it reaches all students and is integrated into various aspects of their lives, including the classroom, school, family, and community. Furthermore, they highlight the necessity for an educational paradigm shift towards inclusivity and comprehensive support for all students, challenging the efficacy of conventional disciplinary approaches.

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