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All students create opportunities to learn – Blog – Inclusion BC

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All students create opportunities to learn

Who benefits from inclusive education?

Recently, the educational research community has taken great interest in inclusive education and has conducted research that is generating more support for inclusive education.

We now know that students with disabilities who have been educated in inclusive settings have significantly better life outcomes than students without this opportunity. They enjoy a better quality of life that includes better social connections, increased community involvement, and greater earning potential.

For a more detailed discussion of this research, see Inclusion BC’s booklet Everyone Belongs in Our Schools: Making the case for inclusive education in British Columbia.

We have also learned that all students benefit from inclusive education. Recent research has dispelled the notion that typical students “lose out” when students with disabilities are included in regular classrooms. Rather, the research shows that all students do better both academically and socially when inclusive policies and teaching practices are followed.

Studies show that support for inclusion has increased both among educators and among parents of typically developing children. While changes to funding for Inclusive Education have reduced the resources and supports available to teachers in inclusive settings, teachers are still largely supportive of inclusion. Other research shows that parents of typical students recognize the benefits of inclusion more than ever.

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External #BackToSchool Resources

Inclusion International: Better for Everyone

Inclusion International has created a campaign to focus attention on Inclusive Education.

#InclusiveEducation is BETTER FOR EVERYONE. Inclusion means supporting teachers to respond to the individual learning needs of all students. Take #ActionOnInclusion

Alana Institute: A Summary of the Evidence on Inclusive Education

This international research report by the Alana Institute identifies research that demonstrates the benefits of inclusive education not only for students with disabilities and students without disabilities.

“Including students with disabilities can support improvements in teaching practice that benefit all students. Effectively including a student with a disability requires teachers and school administrators to develop capacities to support the individual strengths and needs of every student, not just those students with disabilities. Research evidence suggests that, in most cases, being educated alongside a student with a disability does not lead to adverse effects for non-disabled children. On the contrary, some research indicates that non-disabled students who are educated in inclusive classrooms hold less prejudicial views and are more accepting of people who are different from themselves.”

See: A Summary of the Evidence on Inclusive Education

#AllMeansAll #BackToSchool #Inclusion

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