Back to School Pre-Writing Cards


Preschoolers are all about learning those big kid skills. But we all know that there are so many steps needed to really master a skill. A preschooler cannot just sit down at a table and write her name. She would first need to learn how to hold a pencil, strengthen her fine motor, hand, and wrist muscles to form the letters, and have the control to move her pencil in the correct way so that the letters in her name look like she wants them to. Before any of that is possible, lots of pre-writing work needs to happen. Between picking up pom poms with kid-friendly squeezers and drawing pictures, there are lots of ways to work on those early writing skills. Our new back to school pre-writing cards are a great way to work on left to right progression and following easy to trace line!

The set of back to school pre-writing cards include pages with different leveled tracing lines as well as blank cards. 

Each card has a cute glue bottle and pair of scissors on them. Print the file from the pink button below. Print on white cardstock and laminate each pre-writing card or place the cards in plastic page protector. 

To set up the pre-writing activity, place the cards on a tray with a dry erase marker, buttons, beads, mini erasers, or whatever you would like your preschoolers to use to build the lines or follow the lines from one side to the other.

The goal is to start at the glue bottle and work across the card to the scissors. 

Some cards work best with a dry eraser marker because the tracing line is a little more detailed and may be more difficult for little fingers to add mini buttons easily on the line.

If using a dry erase marker, I recommend using a black marker on lamination. It is the easiest marker color to erase. And if you want your preschoolers to be independent, and clean up the cards on their own, definitely stick with black!







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