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Best Books for GATE 2024 and ESE 2024 Preparation – MADE EASY

GATE and ESE examinations are the most crucial and highly competitive exams in the field of the technical sector, especially engineering. Most students and young professionals starting with their preparation for these exams often have one question in their mind – what are the best GATE and ESE books that I need to refer to score the maximum in this competitive exam?’ To solve your query and provide you with a list of the expert-recommended ESE and GATE exam books, we have come up with this in-depth blog post for your reference. You can combine the recommended GATE preparation material with the MADE EASY books to achieve desired results in your exam attempt.

Best books for the ESE and GATE exam preparation:

GATE & ESE reference books and GATE preparation material contribute greatly towards the entire competitive exam preparation journey. There are several books available for this entrance exam’s preparation. However, aspirants must choose the books wisely as quality GATE exam books form one of the strong pillars that contribute to success in this prestigious engineering competitive exam.

Best GATE & ESE preparation books for mechanical engineering:

GATE and ESE aspirants need to ensure that they choose the correct GATE & ESE books for mechanical engineering along with guidance from the best faculty specialized in the field of GATE and ESE domains. Here are some of the top recommended GATE mechanical books for mechanical engineering.

Subjects Book Name
Design of Machine Elements Machine design – V. B. Bhandari
Engineering Mechanics Engineering Mechanics by Beer and Johnston
Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics by R.K. Bansal
Thermodynamics Engineering Thermodynamics by PK Nag and Rajput
Heat Transfer Heat Transfer by Cengel and Holman
Theory of Machines Theory of Machines by Ratan
Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering by OP Khanna
Vibrations Mechanical vibration by Grover
Manufacturing Engineering Production Technology: Manufacturing Processes, Technology, and Automation by R. K. Jain
Strength of Materials Strength of Materials by Gere and Timoshenko, B C Unamia, Sadhu Singh, Ramamrutham

These are the most popular ESE and GATE books for mechanical engineering that offer specialized guidance in each included subject, thus helping aspirants form a strong base for effective ESE and GATE exam preparation.

Best books for GATE ECE (Electronics & Communications Engineering)

Electronics and Communications Engineering includes a wide range of subjects and important topics associated with this competitive exam. GATE aspirants need to refer to the best books for GATE ECE to ensure that they are on the right track throughout the GATE exam preparation. The experienced GATE faculties provide their expertise to create the GATE books. This helps the exam aspirants receive the required guidance with quality GATE reference books and GATE preparation material.

Subjects Book Name
General Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning – R.S. Agarwal

Objective English – Hari Mohan Prasad

Engineering Mathematics

Higher Engineering Mathematics – Dr. BS Grewal

Advanced Engineering Mathematics – R K Jain, S.R.K. Iyengar

Network Theory Network Theory by Alexander Sadiku

Network Analysis by Van Valkenburg

Electronic Devices Integrated Electronics: Jacob Millman & Christos C Halkias
Analog Circuits Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Robert L Boylestad and Nashelsky Pulse
Control Systems Modern Control System by Katsuhiko Ogata
Electrical Machines Electrical Machinery by P.S. Bimbhra
Communications Analog and Digital Communication System by Simon Haykin

Best books for GATE CSE

If you are searching for GATE preparation material related to CSE, then here are some of the most useful GATE CSE books suggested by toppers that you must refer right from the start of your preparation journey. These recommended GATE books will offer GATE aspirants the information that will be beneficial throughout the GATE exam preparation.

Subjects Book name
Computer Science
  • Operation System by Galvin
  • Architecture by Cormen
  • TOC – Theory of Computation by Ullman
  • Algorithm by Cormen

Here are some of the top benefits of these recommended GATE books:

  • Detailed explanation: Each of the specified ESE and GATE preparation books comprise expert-recommended explanations for the exam-relevant topic. The authors of these GATE and ESE exam books ensure that the information present in the respective book provides the required value to the aspirants preparing for these highly competitive exams.
  • Easy to understand: Most topics and subjects mentioned in the GATE and ESE syllabus have a certain level of difficulty. This makes it essential for the authors and editors to simplify the crucial information and finalize the ESE and GATE guide content accordingly.
  • Presence of representations: Most GATE and ESE reference books comprise a lot of information that students find difficult to grasp and keep in their minds until exam time. Therefore, these GATE and ESE preparation books include a significant amount of information in the form of pictorial representations, flowcharts, and infographics. This helps the aspirants memorize and remember the concepts well until the time of the competitive examination.
  • In sync with exam pattern and syllabus: The experts behind the creation and publishing of the competitive exams ensure that there is a successful execution of the series of tedious steps such as the process of research, development, and designing of these GATE reference books and GATE preparation books.
  • Revision-oriented: Most GATE and ESE aspirants find it difficult to revise with the help of the preparation material. GATE and ESE handbook is beneficial for the students during the revision phases of the GATE and ESE exams.

Here are some crucial questions that often come into the minds of the GATE and ESE exam aspirants during the most challenging part of the complete exam preparation journey.

1. Can I use the same books to prepare for both GATE and ESE preparation?

Ans. Yes. Nearly 60% of the ESE exam syllabus is that of the GATE exam. Therefore, if you prepare for the ESE exam, you can easily finish studying a good chunk of the GATE exam, without putting more time into the respective exam. Therefore, you can refer to the GATE reference books, GATE preparation material, and MADE EASY books for GATE exam.


2. What can I use with the best GATE and ESE books for effective preparation?

Ans. You can use the Try Yourself Solutions exclusively created for GATE and ESE aspirants to prepare for the upcoming sessions of these competitive engineering exams. The best part is that all these resources are available free of cost.


3. How much rank should I score to receive admission to IIT via GATE exam?

Ans. A GATE aspirant must score within AIR 200 to receive admission to IIT after clearing the GATE exam.


4. Can I get admission into an IIT with 600 marks in the exam?

Ans. Usually, candidates who score within AIR 200 receive within IIT after clearing the GATE exam. However, you need to understand that some students receive admission to IIT and IIITs based on their academic performance and marks in the GATE exam.


5. Is GATE more difficult than the UPSC exam?

Ans. As per expert-view, the difficulty level to crack the UPSC exam is significantly more than GATE exam due to the number of candidates appearing for the exam and the subject knowledge required to crack the exam in this intense competition.


6. What are some of the updated courses for the GATE and ESE exam preparation?

Ans. The most beneficial courses for GATE and ESE exam preparation include the following:

Thus, you can refer to the above-mentioned best GATE and ESE preparation books that will provide the desired results to the aspirants putting their best efforts for the competitive exam. One must also understand that it is equally essential to research well about the GATE preparation material. It is important to research properly and collect your preparation books before getting started with your exam preparation. In this way, you can save significant time during the preparation tenure and progress with the critical part of the exam preparation smoothly.

We hope this blog post on the best GATE and ESE books helps you greatly in your exam preparation journey.

With several book options available for the aspirants, choosing the right books that serve the purpose of guidance and 360-degree preparation becomes important. Therefore, expert faculties at MADE EASY have come up with the most beneficial MADE EASY books catering to the specific aspects of exam preparation.

Keep learning & growing with MADE EASY!



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