The Leopard in the Mirror, a guest post by Nizrana Farook


I love to include wildness in my books. Thick jungles teeming with wildlife and vast oceans full of sea creatures are some favourites. But when I began to write my third book a wild girl began to prod at me. She’s seen as a little bit different, a little bit strange by her peers. Someone who lives outside of the norm and who would rather spend all her time outside on the mountains running with a leopard she’s befriended. This girl kept tugging at me until I was ready to tell her story.

I wanted to explore the relationship between a wild girl and a wild leopard. One is seen as normal and one as not. But in this story both are under threat – the leopard from poachers and the girl from an overbearing family member who wants to tame the wildness out of her. Both these characters have their own and combined journeys to make, to help each other and to be free of their oppressors.