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Book Mail: Fake dating, trans magic, a rap contest, an elite competition, and more!

Things are kind of out of control here, book mail-wise. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen the giant stacks of books I post weekly. With the calendar about to flip to May, it’s letting me start to think about summer where I hope to catch up on a LOT of the reading I want to do. I’m about to head to Twin Cities Teen Lit Con in a few days, where I’ll be presenting two sessions, but also have a car filled with bags of books to pass along to new homes (it won’t be creepy at all to lure librarians to my car with the promise of new, free books, right?!).

It’s been a good month for book mail. So many new things! Get out your own TBR lists.

All descriptions from the publishers.

The Many Assassinations of Samir, the Seller of Dreams by Daniel Nayeri, Daniel Miyares (Illustrator) (ISBN-13: 9781646143030 Publisher: Levine Querido Publication date: 03/07/2023, Ages 8-12)

A new all-ages adventure tale from Printz Medal Winner, Daniel Nayeri

This is the tale of an exciting journey along the Silk Road with a young Monk and his newfound guardian, Samir, a larger than life character and the so-called “Seller of Dreams”. The man is a scammer; his biggest skill being the ability to talk his way into getting what he wants. While that talking did save Monkey’s life, it has left a lot of people furious with Samir— furious enough to hire assassins. Monkey decides to try and save Samir from the attempts on his life—as a way to pay off his debt! If he can save Samir six times, he’ll be a free man…but will they all survive that long?