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Latest Enhancements to Discovery Education Services Drive Deeper Student Engagement 

Charlotte, NC — Discovery Education—the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports instruction wherever it takes place—has announced a host of exciting updates to the company’s award-winning services. Together, these new enhancements drive deeper student engagement and offer even greater support to educators.

Discovery Education’s award-winning products and services have long been recognized as the “teacher’s choice” for their high-quality digital content, grab-and-go lessons, and teaching tools that drive deep student learning in all K-12 topics. Through these latest enhancements by Discovery Education’s expert product development team, educators using the company’s innovative services now have even more ways to drive inquiry, excitement, and exploration in the classroom. Among the updates made recently to the Discovery Education platform are: 

  • A new Discovery Education Original Series, Real-World Phenomena Jr. Featuring short videos in English and Spanish that are paired with ready-to-use instructional activities, this exciting new content brings compelling natural science phenomena alive for students.   
  • 10 new learning games from Arcademics. These skill-building, multi-player games help students build critical skills in math, language arts, and social studies in a fun and entertaining way.   
  • A new collection of compelling social studies and civics education resources from Sesame Workshop which can be found in the Discovery Education platform’s Sesame Learning Channel.  

Discovery Education has also enhanced its Pivot Interactives solution, which  joined the Discovery Education family in 2022. Pivot Interactives makes teaching science with active learning and scientific phenomena engaging and easy with 10,000 authentic, video-based science interactives crafted by Pivot’s expert curriculum team and teacher community. Recently, Pivot’s product team added several new enhancements to the service including the additions of: 

  • Responsive feedback, which provides each student with targeted and specific feedback based on their answers.  
  • Randomized questions. To support academic integrity, randomized questions ensure each student is assigned unique problems to work on. 
  • A new drag-and-drop question type that develops students’ critical thinking skills by helping them build evidence and concepts into models.  
  • A redesigned grading tool that streamlines grading Pivot-based assignments for teachers, saving them time. 

Discovery Education has also upgraded the company’s Mystery Science service, which has been honored with SIIA’s Best Science Instructional Solution CODiE award for Grades PK –8. Mystery Science provides K-5 educators with simple-to-use, open-and-go, hands-on lessons that inspire students to love science. The new enhancements to Mystery Science include: 

  • The addition of anchor layers to kindergarten lessons. Anchor layers introduce scientific phenomena to students at the beginning of a lesson and provide a new layer of support to emerging readers. 
  • New and revised hands-on lessons in grades 2-5 that deepen student understanding of key concepts of the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and state standards.  

“The latest improvements to Discovery Education’s services are sourced directly from the recommendations of teachers in the field,” said Lance Rougeux, Discovery Education’s Senior Vice President of Curriculum Instruction and Student Engagement and former middle school teacher. “Guided by educator feedback, we’ve made valuable upgrades to our suite of award-winning services that improve every educator’s ability to engage today’s learners and scale what we know is best practice.” 

All educators using Discovery Education services enjoy access to the Discovery Educator Network. A global network of education professionals, the Discovery Educator Network connects members across school systems and around the world through social media, virtual conferences, and in-person events, fostering valuable idea-sharing and inspiration. 

For more information about Discovery Education’s award-winning digital resources—which can be purchased with federal stimulus funds—and professional learning services, visit  www.discoveryeducation.com, and stay connected with Discovery Education on social media through  Twitter and  LinkedIn.  

About Discovery Education Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place. Through its award-winning multimedia content, instructional supports, and innovative classroom tools, Discovery Education helps educators deliver equitable learning experiences engaging all students and supporting higher academic achievement on a global scale. Discovery Education serves approximately 4.5 million educators and 45 million students worldwide, and its resources are accessed in over 100 countries and territories. Inspired by the global media company Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc., Discovery Education partners with districts, states, and trusted organizations to empower teachers with leading edtech solutions that support the success of all learners. Explore the future of education at www.discoveryeducation.com.   

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