Build a Balance Scale for Preschoolers to Explore Weights


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Today’s activity is so simple to setup, but can spark a ton of learning about science!

This easy hanger balance activity comes from Michelle, a member of our Activity Room activity planning service.

The Activity Room is my way of providing you with something easy to do with your toddler or preschooler, week after week.

I plan out the months and weeks so that you get a variety of activities from gross motor to sensory to craft and art projects.

Some are a little more advanced, while others are super easy.

And I provide tips to make it easier or harder too based on your child’s development.

But here’s the important part – you have to find a system that works for your family! And Michelle shows us how she does it.

Enter Michelle: she is a rock-star member of The Activity Room, and she recently shared her system for making it work for her and her family.

I print out the plans and keep a binder of activities. I try to put a check mark on the ones we do and write notes to myself on what worked/didn’t work for days I am looking for a few extra activities. That way I can go back to ones we missed or favorite activities. 

Now that the school year has started and I am back to teaching, the phone calendar is my method. I can quickly look at what I need and what the activity is. Also The Activity Room Members Only Facebook Group is super fantastic to see what others are doing.

As a working mom, I love having activities pre-planned but have given myself grace that some days we won’t do an activity while other days we will do several. ~Michelle

Let’s meet Michelle!

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

One son who turned 4 in October

How long have you been in The Activity Room?

Started at the end of May

What is your favorite activity you’ve done in The Activity Room?

Spy Hunt

What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids when you get a few moments?

Science activities! I love seeing how my son problem solves, makes predictions, and gets excited. Poor kid has a science teacher as a Mom 🙂

What’s your best tip for doing activities with your kids?

Go with the flow! Sometimes the activity doesn’t go exactly like I thought it would and it is okay!

Share your favorite quote:

“Time spent playing with children is never wasted.” Dawn Lantero

Please tell about the activity you’d like share.

Build your own balance!

How to build a simple balance scale out from a hanger

Materials: plastic hanger, two paper or plastic cups, string/yarn, hole punch.

At the top of each cup punch two holes on opposite sides and string yarn through.

Hang the cups on the hangar and place different items in the cup to see which one is heavier.

There are a lot of variations online to expand on the learning. You can compare objects by size, or quantity.

Or you can ask questions like, “how many Legos does this toy car weigh?”, finding how many Legos it takes to balance a scale with a toy on the other end.

This has so much opportunity for learning number comparisons, counting, and thinking skills.

Michelle’s attitude of “Go with the flow!” is spot on, and this activity is no exception.

Follow your child’s lead, and you might find it’s something you can come back to again and again.

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