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These Free Activities Will Take You All the Way Through National Reading Month

March is right around the corner, and that means National Reading Month is almost here! Are you ready? Not to worry: VAI Education’s Blue Apple Celebrating National Reading Month Timely Topic for grades K-8 has you covered with four free 15-minute activities that celebrate reading.  You can do one lesson or pick and choose. The choice is yours! 

We’re big fans of the Timely Topics, and they’re even better now that they’re differentiated by grade bands K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Each month, Blue Apple provides FREE Timely Topics with at least four lessons connected to current events. These research-based and classroom-tested lessons are designed to engage students and save time while boosting curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Be sure to check out these awesome ready-to-go activities like their Celebrating National Reading Month Timely Topic. You won’t regret it!

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Lesson #1: Daily Calendar Activities

What it’s all about: Each day has a new activity that will keep your students excited to read all month long. Themes include Alphabet Art (K-2), Book Cover Design (3-5), and Genre Speed Dating (6-8). They’ve also gone to the trouble to link read-aloud videos and templates. So easy!

Why kids will love it: Your students will look forward to seeing what fun reading activity comes next. Plus, there’s built-in time for a celebration and reading to stuffed animals for younger students, and a reading and relaxation period for older kids.

Don’t miss: Reading Bingo cards! We recommend you print and send these home in lieu of a reading log.

Blue Apple

Lesson #2: Story Quest

What it’s all about: A Story Quest is a great way to inspire your students to spin tales, embark on journeys of the imagination, and appreciate a story well told. Each grade band has both picture prompts and story starters. Your students can choose any one that plants the seeds of a story in their minds. They’ll do a quick-write without stopping and then will have the opportunity to reflect and share.

Why kids will love it: The pictures are all AI-generated, and they’re varied (a good mix of fantastical and realistic) and fun (think: a mysterious ring in a bed of leaves!).

Don’t miss: The built-in reflection questions!

Mysterious bracelet on leaves with a girl in the background
Blue Apple

Lesson #3: You’ve Got Mail: Reading Around the World

What it’s all about: Embark on a global adventure through books! You’ll use a curated book list to “visit” all seven continents. Students will pick a book to read or listen to and then write a letter to a friend to tell them all about it.

Why kids will love it: There are printable versions of all the book covers that students can glue onto a world map.

Don’t miss: The links to all the books read aloud online.

Sample letter about Anansi the Spider
Blue Apple

Lesson #4: STEM Reads

What it’s all about: This activity combines pieces of literature with engineering challenges. Each grade band is linked to an appropriate-level book. When you click on each one, you’ll get a lesson plan with links to a read-aloud, as well as guiding questions to use throughout the book. You also get instructions for a STEM challenge that ties directly to the ideas and content shared within the story.

Why kids will love it: The book choices are really engaging, showing students how literacy and engineering can live happily ever after.

Don’t miss: The engineering challenge for The Girl Who Thought in Pictures. Students create a model of sensory-friendly space for someone who may have sensory sensitivities.

The Girl Who Thought In Pictures lesson
Blue Apple

Ready to try these activities? Download the Celebrating National Reading Month Timely Topic lessons.

And be sure to check out all of Blue Apple’s free Timely Topic lessons available as well. New lessons are added all the time!

Looking for National Reading Month activities? The

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