“Catch the Hot Dog” Plus 4 More Teacher Hacks To Launch You Out of That Spring Slump


Need some inspiration or a quick boost to get you through the chaos of spring? TikTok teachers have got your back. These quick, low-to-no-prep (because who has the time?) ideas will help you re-engage your students while maintaining your sanity.

Catch the Hog Dog


Teachers, do you think you could catch the hotdog in your classroom? #classroommanagement #classroommanagementtips #classroommanagementstrategies #classroommanagement #teacherlife #schoolideas #teachertips #teachertipsoftiktok #teachertipsandtricks #teacherideas #classroomgames #classroomideas #fyp #funteacher #classroombehavior #hotdog #dollartree

♬ original sound – Monica Genta

Monica shows us how a simple Hot Dog squishy from the Dollar Tree can make a huge improvement in problematic behaviors throughout her class periods. Plus, who doesn’t love watching students use their cat-like reflexes!

Speedy Room Transformation


⛺️The most common tent transformation question I get is: how do you make it happen? It didn’t have to be hard! this is exactly how! #roomtransformation #classroomtransformation #teacherhack

♬ dumb dumb – sped up – mazie

Have some plastic tablecloths, binder clips, and 25 minutes? Keanna can show you how to transform your room for a change in scenery and to boost your student engagement. These tents are simple to create in a time crunch!

Daily Attendance Questions


Have you tried taking attendance with a this or that question? And if so, have you tried letting the students come up with the questions? I love doing this every day! #teachertok #teacherideas #teaching #teachertips

♬ Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit

Task a student with the job of coming up with simple “This or That” questions for students to answer for attendance. Lauren uses these in her classroom daily to build relationships as she learns more about her students. Questions could be as simple as “pencil or crayon” or “ice cream or gelato.”

Class Chants


Replying to @robsonowls shoutout to @hellomissromeo for this hallway chant!

♬ original sound – Kim

At this point in the year, we will do ANYTHING to get our students’ attention and keep them on track with classroom and school expectations. Kim shares a new chant for walking in the hallway like a BOSS!

Deserted Island, With a Twist


♬ original sound – Ms Kanning

If you haven’t played with your students yet, what are you waiting for? Ms. Kanning takes the deserted island game to the next level when she breaks out the science content! There are so many ways you could build this into your classroom routines.

By this time of year, teachers are right on the edge of burnout and are focused on the distant horizon of summer break. Give your sanity a hand and add a new engaging activity to your classroom with some TikTok teacher inspiration. Plus, how can anyone be in a slump when purchasing a squishy hot dog or watching kids slide across the floor to snag it!?

What are some of your favorite TikTok spring slump classroom activities to get you moving? Share in the comments below!

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