Crayon Color Matching Clip Cards


The beginning of the school year can be hard to know what kind of activities will work with your new group of preschoolers while trying to establish procedures, routines, and introduce learning centers.  Adding learning activities with easy to follow directions helps you assess early learning skills, and allows your preschoolers to be successful and engaged. Our crayon color matching clip cards work well at the beginning of the year in independent or small group activities. Plus practicing skills using fine motor muscles encourages so many more big kid skills down the road.



This free printable set of crayon color matching clip cards includes 11 different colors.  Each card has a crayon box with three crayons to choose from at the bottom.

Print the set from the pink button below.  Cut the cards apart on the gray dotted lines.  Laminate the set for added durability.  I promise, laminating is worth it!

After the crayon color matching clip cards are ready, put them in a small basket or tray and add clothespins.  My preschoolers insist on having one clothespin for each card, so I have a huge collection.

The object of the crayon clip cards is to identify the color of the crayon box, and then find the same color crayon at the bottom of the card.  Using visual discrimination skills, kids have to look through the different colored crayons and choose the matching one.

The nice thing about this printable math center is that color identification does not have to be mastered in order to be successful. Your preschoolers do not need to be able to tell you that the crayon box is yellow. They simply need to find the crayon that is the same color as the crayon box.

I introduce activities like this in circle time.  

We go over what is on the cards and how they work.  I start by having my preschoolers help me find the correct answer on the card.  We identify the color and then each color choice on the bottom.  Then I make sure to take the time to show them how to pinch open the clothespin.  

At the beginning of the year, I also offer alternatives to the clothespins if needed.

I am also big about showing non-examples.  Preschoolers love to tell me that I am wrong, or what not to do.  When they are correcting me, I know they understand the activity!

My goal is to have this be an independent activity during center time, so success without frustration is the goal!


Grab your set of pencil number match clip cards now.



You can find the printable activity below!


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