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Destinations Exchange Europe: New B2B travel event in London | eTurboNews – Travel Industry News

Destinations Exchange Europe responds to most pressing commercial and operational challenges faced by inbound European tourism industry

The European tourism association (ETOA) and City Destinations Alliance are launching a new two-day event, Destinations Exchange Europe.

The workshop will take place in London on the 12-13 June.

Developed in consultation with members and other stakeholders, Destinations Exchange Europe responds to the most pressing commercial and operational challenges faced by the inbound European tourism industry.

Tourism suppliers from across Europe will exhibit in Visit, Sleep, Do, Move zones – covering the core elements of inbound travel product: destinations, accommodation, experiences and mobility. Buyers present will represent intra-European markets, alongside leading long-haul inbound operators. They will have the opportunity to source new suppliers and new product ideas. They will also bring their operational challenges to the table for wider exploration. 

This will be delivered by a combination of B2B expo-style meetings and discussion fora. These peer-to-peer sessions will investigate topical and regulatory challenges. There will also be sessions on market intelligence and product evolution.

The event will include ETOA’s 2023 summer party and have a range of other networking opportunities, including opportunities to meet with the travel trade media through scheduled and informal meetings.

Tom Jenkins, CEO of ETOA says: “Destinations has evolved from City Fair. This had proved extremely successful; we have continued with the appointment-driven exhibition style of that event. There was a need for operators to have wider discussions with each other and destinations. This new format – which will be over two days – will achieve that.”

For destinations and their partner network, the event offers high-level engagement with tourism industry professionals who want to solve problems collaboratively and maximize mutual benefit. It also represents a great opportunity to showcase new product and put destinations and their partners at the forefront of buyers’ and media’s mind.

Petra Stušek, President of City Destinations Alliance concludes: “This new event is ideally placed in a vital moment in Europe’s tourism recovery. We are delighted to offer this opportunity to CityDNA members to get in touch with buyers from all over the world and to lay the foundations for the return of long-haul clients, and develop new product ideas.”

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