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Erica’s Easy Knit Sock Tutorial (Beginner Friendly!) – Confessions of a Homeschooler

Happy Thursday friends! Today I’m showing you how to knit these beginner-friendly, adorable, easy-knit socks! I’ll even show you how to change colors for the heels and toes, making them extra cute!

Watch Erica’s Easy Knit Sock tutorial here


Get Erica’s Easy Socks PDF Pattern here!

I’m using the Queensland Coastal Cotton yarn in Aran weight for my tutorial. But you can use any weight yarn you prefer. Just make sure to select coordinating needles, and adjust your gauge according to the pattern to make sure your socks will fit properly!

The colorwork socks shown below are my Jolly Socks, they’re so fun, and if I have enough interest I’ll do a color-work tutorial too!

This is a beginner-friendly tutorial, however, if you have never knit at all, you’ll want to check out my beginner-friendly knitting series on YouTube to get started!

Beginner Knit Tutorials

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