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This Actual Email Sent to Teachers Is (Almost) Unbelievable

Teach long enough and you’ll be on the receiving end of your fair share of truly unhinged emails. The best ones are the emails that are so unbelievable you can’t share them fast enough with all of your teacher friends. That’s what must have led Redditor u/peachlake to share this email that was sent to all the teachers in the same program:

So just to recap: The administrator who sent this email is in need of two teachers: a middle school science teacher for the following school year and a math teacher that is needed as soon as possible. That seems reasonable enough. But let’s break down what makes this email truly unbelievable (almost).

It should be a word, but it’s not.

The administrator in question needs a math teacher “emergently.” That’s right, “emergently.” Not immediately. Not because it’s an emergency. Nope, the situation is so serious that it called for the creation of an entirely new word. You know what? I’m not even mad about this one. Let’s get it into the dictionary emergently.

Remember what’s important!

Second, we couldn’t help but note the administrator’s reminder that new hires don’t need “training or certification.” Who needs things like training or knowledge regarding the education of children? We just need warm bodies in the rooms, people! ASAP! (Or rather, emergently!)

Besides, teaching isn’t difficult.

Don’t fret if you’re still confused about the “no training or certification needed” part of the email. As the administrator reminds us, the only two things people need to teach are “content knowledge and a willingness to have fun with kids!” We have to agree with u/peachlake’s assessment here: “Oh, I didn’t know I didn’t need to be trained or certified to teach and that all I had to do was have fun with kids! I could’ve saved a ton of time and money getting my degrees. Silly me.”

Do you find it surprising (or completely believable) that an administrator would hire teachers without training or certification? Let us know in the comments.

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Rizwan Ahmed
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