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February is Inclusive Education Month – Blog – Inclusion BC

February is Inclusive Education Month

Every February, people across Canada celebrate Inclusive Education Month by reflecting on the many ways we can do more to support every child’s learning in our schools.

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Inclusive Education Webinar:

Disrupting Misconceptions and Forging Pathways for Students with Developmental Disabilities

When: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 3:30-4:30PM

Thank you to everyone that participated in our virtual session! A recording of the session is available below:


This year we’re excited to celebrate Inclusive Education Month by launching a series of films that we’ve created with the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship.

Centred on the voices of students, educators and families, the films explore how we can make our schools inclusive and welcoming of all learners.

Panelists in this webinar will discuss the film, Reframing Challenging Behaviour in our Schools. All films will be released over the next month and available on our website and YouTube.

About the Film

Reframing Challenging Behaviour in our Schools

Centering the voices of self-advocates, viewers are encouraged to consider how our responses to behaviours that are symptomatic of something else can be either identity-supportive or harmful. This film challenges us to shift our perspectives to understand behaviour as communication so that we can approach a challenging situation with curiosity and empathy to support a student. We need to look at the context and environment in which this is happening. Equally important is the collaboration that needs to occur to support the learning community that is a classroom and a school.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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