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Filling Lesson Plan Gaps

State testing. Field trips. Weird last-minute assembly schedules that turn your day upside down. No matter how well a teacher prepares, holes will appear in your schedule. What to do? Here are the materials – all stand-alone filler lessons that won’t feel like fluff – to help you fill those gaps:

How much instructional time do you need to fill? 

5-10 minutes:
Brain teasers
Three of a kind

10-15 minutes:
Don’t panic! (dictionary game)
Commonly confused words
Fine art analysis (19 options)

15-30 minutes:
Analogies (remember these? huge:vast::cute:adorable)
Micro-fiction/2-sentence storytelling
Life lessons from literature

30-60 minutes:
• Twilight Zone analysis (5 options)
Andy Weir’s short story, “The Egg”
• Jason Reynolds’ speech to Lesley U. grads
Listen & learn podcast lesson (11 options)
Author bio. research grid (so, so many of these – I probably have the writer you need)
Watch Mister Rogers use rhetorical tools to sway a Congressional hearing 
Birds aren’t real (modern satire)
What’s up in the world? (current events)
How to read (and create!) an editorial cartoon
Should we kill spiders in our homes? (real-world rhetoric)

60-90 minutes:
21 Chump Street
Poetry creation stations
Chekov’s “The Bet” + Twilight Zone episode
Saki’s “The Storyteller” + modern irony
Trophy syndrome + graduation speech analysis
Compare/Contrast life advice for graduates

What else do you need? Leave a reply or send me a comment. I’m here to help!

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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