Glue Dot Name Craft for Back to School


If you are planning and prepping for going back to school, we have the cutest back to school craft for your preschoolers! The glue dot name craft practices multiple preschool and kindergarten skills including fine motor, scissor skills, direction following, hand-eye coordination, letter recognition, and name practice. The craft allows you to assess your preschoolers early in the year in a way that does not cause frustration or flashcard memorization. The finished product will also look great on a bulletin board or classroom decoration!

The printable glue dot name craft includes the pages to create the project. Click the pink button below to download the file.

You will find uppercase letter glue dot circle pages, lowercase letters glue dot circle pages, blank glue dot circle pages, a glue bottle page, a glue bottle label page, a glue top base page, and a glue top page.

Directions for how to print each page is included to make it easy to prep for your preschoolers.

Once printed, there is a little bit of prep on your side of the project. 

Cut apart the pieces (glue bottle labels, glue top pieces) as well as the letter glue dots. Pile like pieces together to keep everything organized. Paperclip the pieces or stick them in reusable freezer bags.

Building the Glue Bottle

Each preschooler will need the 4 basic pieces for the glue bottle. Once the pieces are cut out, move to finding the letters in the preschooler’s name. 

If using the blank glue dot circles, the letters can be written by you or the preschooler depending on the learning level that your preschoolers are at.


If using the letter glue dot pages, consider writing your preschooler’s name on paper. Ask the preschooler to find the glue dots that match the letters written on the paper. Each time a letter is found, it can be placed on the matching letter on the paper. 

A lot of times when we are doing a 2 part project, I try to break it down into smaller steps. In this case, I would have my preschoolers cut out all for the pieces at one time, and then glue all of the pieces together at another time.


After the glue bottle is glued together, it is time to add the letters in your preschooler’s name.

There is no right way for your preschoolers to glue on the glue dots to build their names, so don’t allow yourself to stress over this step. The glue dots can be glued on in any order, in any way. 

The object of the glue dot name craft is to practice recognizing letters in their names, even spelling their names. But if the letters are not in the correct order, or in any kind of order, it is ok. The preschoolers can still point to each letter as they recall or spell their names. The skills to be practiced can absolutely happen!

Back to school is a crazy time of year, so hopefully this simple name craft allows your preschoolers to practice big kid skills in a cute way!




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