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GMAT 655 (Q81, V85, DI82)| 93 %ile | Ritachit’s Triumph on the GMAT Focus Edition

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We are thrilled to share the success story of Ritachit, who recently achieved an impressive score of 655 (93rd %ile) on the GMAT Focus Edition, with outstanding results in Verbal (V85), Data Insights (DI82), and Quant (Q81). Congratulations to Ritachit for this remarkable achievement!

This article delves into the various aspects of Ritachit’s GMAT preparation, offering detailed insights into his strategies and approaches. Aspiring GMAT candidates can find valuable lessons in each part of his journey.

Ritachit’s Path to GMAT Excellence: Building Foundations and Overcoming Challenges

Embarking on his GMAT journey, Ritachit began with a thorough self-assessment, pinpointing his strengths and areas for improvement in each section of the exam. He demonstrated exceptional aptitude in the Verbal section, securing a 96th percentile ranking, and similarly excelled in Data Insights with a 94th percentile score. However, his journey also revealed a critical insight: his overconfidence in Quant unexpectedly impacted his performance. This realization highlighted the necessity of a holistic and evenly distributed focus across all sections of the GMAT, ensuring no single area was overlooked or underprepared.

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Verbal Mastery: The Power of Comprehension and Pre-Thinking

Ritachit’s exceptional performance in the Verbal section can be attributed to his mastery of comprehension and pre-thinking techniques. He developed a keen ability to dissect complex texts, a skill pivotal for acing Critical Reasoning questions. By focusing on deep understanding rather than superficial reading, Ritachit could grasp the nuances of arguments and anticipate logical conclusions effectively.

For Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension, Ritachit employed the pre-thinking strategy. Before looking at the answer choices, he spent time predicting potential answers based on his understanding of the passage or argument. This method not only improved his accuracy but also significantly sped up his response time. By anticipating the direction of questions, he could quickly eliminate incorrect options, focusing on the most plausible answers.

Through these strategies, Ritachit turned the Verbal section into one of his strongest areas on the GMAT, demonstrating the effectiveness of a methodical and comprehension-focused approach.”

Strategic Preparation in Data Insights

As Ritachit transitioned from the traditional GMAT to the GMAT Focus Edition (GFE), his proficiency in Integrated Reasoning became a key asset. His success in this area was significantly bolstered by e-GMAT’s newly introduced Data Insights course, which played a crucial role in honing his analytical skills.

What made this section particularly engaging for Ritachit was its alignment with his professional background in data analysis. He found that the skills required in the Data Insights section mirrored those he used in his job, such as extracting meaningful insights from data and making data-driven decisions. This real-world relevance not only made his learning process more enjoyable but also more intuitive.

By diligently applying the techniques and strategies, Ritachit was able to transform his innate interest and professional experience in data analysis into a formidable strength in the Data Insights section of the GMAT Focus Edition. His strategic preparation in this area is a testament to the effectiveness of aligning one’s natural inclinations and professional expertise with targeted learning resources.

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GMAT vs. GFE Experience

Ritachit’s journey through both the traditional GMAT and the GMAT Focus Edition (GFE) offered him a deep understanding of the distinct challenges posed by each format. He effectively dispelled common myths about the difficulty level of the GFE and noted key structural differences that set the two apart. In the traditional GMAT, Ritachit employed a broad-based study approach, addressing a wide spectrum of topics and question types across all sections, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the material.

However, his strategy for the GFE was more nuanced and targeted. Recognizing the heightened importance of sections like Data Insights in the GFE, Ritachit tailored his preparation to DI, aligning it with his professional expertise in data analysis. This shift to a focused study plan for the GFE allowed him to concentrate more intensely on specific skill sets, thereby enhancing his proficiency.

Score Analysis and Future Plans

Ritachit carefully analyzed his GMAT performance, identifying his strengths in Verbal and Data Insights while recognizing areas for growth in Quant. Intent on applying to top business schools, he plans to use his well-rounded GMAT score to underscore his analytical and language proficiency.

Addressing misconceptions about GMAT scoring, Ritachit emphasizes that beyond high percentile rankings, presenting a comprehensive profile is crucial for MBA applications. He aims to highlight his resilience and problem-solving skills gained during his GMAT preparation as key strengths in his applications.

Looking ahead, Ritachit views his GMAT success as a foundation for his MBA journey, aiming to merge his analytical skills with strategic business leadership in his future career.

e-GMAT Course Reflections

Ritachit attributes a significant part of his success to the comprehensive e-GMAT course. He praised the course for its profound impact on enhancing his skills in Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and the newly incorporated Data Insights section.

The e-GMAT course stood out for Ritachit due to its structured and student-centric teaching approach. He found the course content to be meticulously designed, catering to the diverse needs of GMAT aspirants. What particularly benefited Ritachit were the specific modules aimed at strengthening verbal reasoning and critical thinking, essential components for excelling in the Verbal section. The course provided a wealth of practice questions and detailed explanations, which helped Ritachit deepen his understanding of complex sentence structures and reading comprehension techniques.

For Integrated Reasoning and Data Insights, the e-GMAT course offered specialized training that aligned closely with the demands of these sections. Ritachit leveraged the interactive lessons and practice exercises that simulated real GMAT questions. This hands-on approach allowed him to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, sharpening his data analysis skills.

Additionally, Ritachit appreciated the adaptability of the course, which effectively prepared students for the variations between the Classic and Focus editions of the GMAT.

Closing Thoughts and Reflections

As Ritachit concluded his classic GMAT and GFE narrative, he shared valuable reflections and insights gleaned from his comprehensive preparation journey. His story, marked by dedication and strategic learning, illuminates a path for future aspirants aiming for their own GMAT success.

Ritachit’s journey was more than just about achieving a high score; it was about personal growth and intellectual development. He emphasized the importance of a balanced study approach, adaptability, and consistent effort. These principles not only guided him through his preparation but also equipped him with skills that extend beyond the exam. Moreover, Ritachit shared some parting wisdom for those embarking on their GMAT journey. He advised future test-takers to approach their preparation with patience and perseverance. He also encouraged aspirants to seek out resources and courses, like e-GMAT, that align with their learning style and exam preparation needs.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ritachit on his achievements and are honored to have played a role in his GMAT journey. We wish him every success in his future academic and professional endeavors and are confident that he will continue to excel and inspire.

Watch full video to learn about Ritachit’s learnings during his GMAT journey and how he scored 655 (93 %ile) on the new GMAT Focus Edition:

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