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Google launches Advanced Data Analytics and Business Intelligence certificates on Coursera – Coursera Blog

By Marni Baker Stein, Chief Content Officer, Coursera 

We are excited to announce two new advanced Professional Certificates from Google in Advanced Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, available on Coursera today. The new certificates are designed for learners who have already completed the entry-level Google Data Analytics certificate or have prior experience in the field. With these advanced certificates, learners can build the skills needed to help advance in their careers and stand out in the job market. 

Demand for skilled data analytics workers is increasing, reflecting the growing importance of analytics teams in driving revenue and efficiencies for organizations. In the US*, there are over 144,000 job openings in advanced data analytics, with a median salary of $118,000. Business intelligence roles have over 166,000 job openings and a median salary of $96,000. The new certificates were created to help individuals pursue their full potential within these fields.

  • Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate – This seven-course certificate delves into machine learning, predictive modeling, and experimental design to collect and analyze large amounts of data. Designed to be completed in less than six months with roughly 10 hours of coursework per week, it helps learners prepare for roles such as senior data analyst and junior data scientist. 
  • Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate – In this three-course certificate, learners will explore how to create processes and information channels that transform data into actionable insights for organizations. It can be completed in less than two months with roughly 10 hours of coursework per week, and helps learners prepare for jobs such as business intelligence analyst and business intelligence engineer. 

Each certificate is completely online and self-paced. Upon completion, learners gain access to an employer consortium of 150+ employers committed to sourcing talent from Google certificate programs, including Deloitte, Verizon, Target and other top brands.  

“The need to understand data to make business decisions is only growing in importance for businesses large and small, which is why we’ve made it easy and affordable for people to reskill or upskill to advance in their careers in data analytics,” said Lisa Gevelber, Founder & Head of Grow with Google. “We’re proud that our new certificates in Advanced Data Analytics and Business Intelligence will help businesses grow their businesses and provide exciting new opportunities for data analytics professionals.”

These certificates further expand Google’s programs on Coursera to serve learners beyond the entry level. Since launching in March 2021, the Google Data Analytics certificate has become the most popular Professional Certificate on Coursera globally. Together, with industry leaders like Google, Coursera is committed to providing job-relevant content that enables learners around the world to launch and level-up their careers. 

Start learning Advanced Data Analytics and Business Intelligence today on Coursera.

* Lightcast™ US Job Postings (Last 12 Months: Jan. 1, 2022 – Dec. 31, 2022)

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