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How to Propose and Say YES in Thai | Learn Thai with Mod

My American student who has been having private Thai lessons with me for the past 5 years just proposed to his Thai girlfriend with a flash mob dance in Robinson shopping mall in Sakhon Nakhon. This event inspired me to create this Thai lesson to help you pop the question like a native Thai.

First, let’s learn the vocabulary.

“To marry” in Thai is แต่งงาน /dtàeng-ngaan/

“Will you marry me?” can translate to คุณจะแต่งงานกับผมไหม /kun jà dtàeng-ngaan gàp pŏm mái/. However this sentence doesn’t sound gentle and romantic, Thai people prefer to propose by make it sound like a sweet invitation.

แต่งงานกันนะ /dtàeng-ngaan gan ná/

The particle นะ /ná/ in this sentence indicates an invitation, similarly to English “Let’s get married”.

แต่งงานกันไหม /dtàeng-ngaan gan mái/ is another common way to propose to your Thai loved one.

And to say “YES” to the question, you can simply say “แต่ง /dtàeng/” or “โอเค OK” follow by a polite particle ครับ /kráp/ or ค่ะ /kâ/

More Thai vocabulary:

คู่หมั้น /kûu mân/ = fiance, fiancee

แหวนหมั้น /wăen mân/ = engagement ring

แต่งงาน /dtàeng-ngaan/ = to marry

ขอแต่งงาน /kăw dtàeng-ngaan/ = to propose

งานแต่งงาน /ngaan dtàeng-ngaan/ = wedding

ชุดแต่งงาน /chút dtàeng-ngaan/ = wedding gown

เค้กแต่งงาน /cake dtàeng-ngaan/ = wedding cake

การ์ดแต่งงาน /gáat dtàeng-ngaan/ = wedding invitation

แหวนแต่งงาน /wăen dtàeng-ngaan/ = wedding ring



Language barriers in a relationship can be hard, it makes communication difficult, cause misunderstanding and even end a relationship.

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