Leaves & Acorns Count & Color Activities


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The leaves & acorns count & color activities for fall include 7 printables all about numbers, counting, and colors! The math centers include different leveled options for you to be able to use with your entire preschool class.

Each alphabet activity has its own direction page which gives ideas for additional supplies (crayons, pencil, dice) that will enhance the activity to create the best engaging centers that take only minutes to prep.


The pack includes:

Pick a Leaf Color – Identify the leaf card color and color a leaf on the recording page.

Pick a Leaf Number – Pick a leaf card and identify the number. Find the matching number on the recording page and color it.

Acorn Roll & Color – Roll a die and count the dots. Find the matching die on the recording page. Color an acorn on the page the correct color according to the color word OR color the matching numbered acorn the correct color.

Squirrel Match – Match the numbers on the acorn and squirrel cards. Find the same number on the squirrel on the recording page and color it.

Fall Leaf Count – Add the correct number of fall leaves to each tree card.

Color a Leaf – Roll a die and color in the matching number spot on the fall leaf until the leaf is completely colored in.

Leaf Colors Emergent Reader – Print and prep the reader. Color the color word and the leaf on each page and practice reading the preschool appropriate predictable text.



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You will want to grab this set of leaves & acorns math pack to add to your daily plans. The prep is takes no time at all and the activities will motivate your little learners!






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