Leaves & Acorns Fine Motor Activities for Fall


Fall is just around the corner and the leaves will be falling soon! Creating meaningful learning centers and activities for your preschoolers to get through the fall season does not have to be difficult. The fall season is jam-packed full of themes that preschoolers love. Our leaves & acorns fine motor activities set will engage all ages of preschoolers while helping practice using and strengthening their fine motor muscles.


This set of leaves & acorns fine motor activities include 12 reusable busy bins. Each activity comes with an instruction page, what supplies may be needed, and how to play.

To ensure that the fine motor activities remain reusable, laminating the pieces is recommended. Easily store each activity in a small plastic container with a lid, or a plastic pencil box (depending on the dimensions).

The supplies are simple and you probably already have everything you need. See the suggested list HERE.



Fine motor activities come in all shapes and sizes in the preschool classroom! There is no true category of fine motor learning activities because they overlap with all other preschool skills that your preschools are working towards mastering. You can find fine motor skills included in many different categories of learning ideas.

Sensory Play

These activities can be used as morning welcome work as each of your preschoolers enters the classroom in the morning. 

In my 3’s classroom, I would use these activities in small groups to practice playing the activities correctly and with purpose. This allowed me to be able to assess certain skills and build confidence with the younger preschoolers.

In my 4’s classroom, these busy bins would be used as independent or table activities during our learning centers. The directions and goals are simple enough for this age group to understand how to play. I would use our Literacy & Math Centers in our small groups with the older preschoolers.



When first introducing the fine motor busy bins in your classroom, consider using small trays in front of each seat at the table. This encourages preschoolers to play in one area and keep all of their supplies together in the tray. It also makes it easier to switch when another preschooler comes to play at that seat. 

Find this set at the orange button below.

You will want to grab this set of fine motor busy bins to add to your daily plans. The prep is ridiculously simple and the activities will never go out of style!







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