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There are few cities in the world as alive, exciting, and dynamic as New York. “Applicants to MBA programs in NYC are drawn to the location and the opportunity to successfully pursue any career you could imagine (what can’t you do in NYC?),” shared a former Columbia Admissions Officer who is now on the Stacy Blackman Consulting team.

New York is a global epicenter of business, finance, and media. The location itself brings MBA students massive benefits, such as:

  • A living laboratory of markets and companies.
  • An endless supply of well-qualified adjunct teachers.
  • An array of visiting executives gravitate to its classrooms as lecturers and guest speakers.

This blog post will preview the three top-ranked MBA programs in NYC: Columbia Business School (CBS)NYU Stern School of Business, and Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. We’ll also touch on specialized coursework offerings at each institution, acceptance rates, and academic profiles.

Furthermore, we’ll discuss one-year vs. two-year MBA programs at these institutions while highlighting location advantages for networking opportunities. Additionally, you’ll learn about the class sizes offered by certain institutions, which provide a more personalized learning experience. 

  • Columbia Business School: Acceptance rate around 16%
  • NYU Stern School of Business: Acceptance rate around 20%
  • Cornell University – Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management: Acceptance rate around 27%

But first, meet some of SBC’s NYC MBA program experts. If we’ve piqued your interest, request a free MBA advising session today for expert guidance on your candidacy!

Columbia Business School (CBS)

Columbia Business School’s prestigious MBA program has an acceptance rate of around 16%. Class size is considered neither big nor small and ranges from 500-600 students. Stats for the current first-year students show an average GMAT score of 727 and a GPA of 3.5. The competition to get into top business schools like CBS is fierce. However, applicants with strong academic credentials, well-executed applications, and viable career paths have a better chance at admission. 

In addition to its core curriculum, Columbia Business School offers unique courses tailored to specific industries like private equity, real estate, and sustainability. One notable example is their new “Business and Climate” course that prepares students for environmental management or consulting careers by addressing climate change’s impact on businesses.

MBA programs in NYC

“Columbia offers C-Suite speakers comparable to an HBS without being as high in the rankings,” shares a former Columbia Admissions Officer on the Stacy Blackman Consulting team. “For instance, the CEO of Anheuser Busch International went every year to speak in a class, same with McKinsey.” The school estimates that it gets more than 500 guest speakers a year on campus.

“Something that applicants may not know is how well Columbia connects students with the surrounding city (and the world),” says another SBC consultant and former CBS Admissions Officer. “There are various immersion programs students can take as electives that allow them to spend time in class with their classmates and professors, and also spend time off-site doing corporate visits around the city (and globally).”

Aspiring MBA candidates should consider applying to Columbia Business School if they seek a rigorous education from a top-ranked institution while enjoying the networking opportunities provided by its prime location near Wall Street.

NYU Stern School of Business

Situated in vibrant Greenwich Village, the NYU Stern School of Business is a top-ranked institution offering two one-year specialized programs—the Tech MBA and the Fashion and Luxury MBA—besides its flagship two-year program. NYU Stern provides MBA applicants with unique opportunities to enhance their skills and network within New York City’s business community. NYU Stern maintains high academic standards, as evidenced by its incoming students’ average GMAT score of 733 and GPA of 3.62. Acceptance rates hover around 20%. 

The school’s prime location offers easy access to Wall Street firms and Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Manhattan. Students can take advantage of networking events organized by the university or attend industry conferences held throughout NYC.

Furthermore, many working professionals choose part-time or online MBA programs offered by NYU Stern while maintaining their full-time jobs, allowing them to apply their newly acquired skills in real time and build valuable connections within the business world.

Cornell University – Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

Cornell offers both traditional two-year MBA programs as well as accelerated one-year options through their partnership with Cornell Tech campus located on Roosevelt Island. Despite having slightly higher admissions rates compared to other NYC-based business schools (approximately 27%), admitted candidates still boast impressive credentials. GMAT averages clock in at 710, and undergrad GPA at 3.3.

A two-year MBA and an accelerated one-year program offer distinct advantages based on individual needs, aspirations, and time availability. The two-year option provides more opportunities for internships, networking events, and in-depth coursework while the accelerated program allows students to complete their degree faster and re-enter the workforce sooner.

In addition to its prestigious reputation, Cornell’s location near New York City provides ample opportunities for students to network with professionals from various industries such as finance, consulting, technology, real estate development, or private equity firms. Furthermore, professionals working in STEM fields should look at Cornell Tech’s MBA program, which is specifically designed for those who want to combine their business acumen with a strong foundation in technology and innovation.


Anyone interested in going to business school in the Big Apple has three excellent options to consider. Are you ready to speak to an expert about MBA programs in NYC? Request a free MBA advising session today for guidance on your MBA candidacy!

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