Orange muffins, oh my!

The Sprouts and Saplings classes came together this week to prepare and bake orange muffins on our tipi fire. Yum! Orange muffins are a favorite fire cooking activity at Earthwise. The oranges themselves act as the muffin tins and can be placed directly onto the coals to bake.

The Sprouts prepared the muffin batter with our Earthwise original “Mix and stir” class cooking song, while the Saplings scooped the pulp and juice out of their oranges to turn them into muffin tins. It’s important to keep the “lid” and be able to seal your orange back up when placing it into the fire.

Once the muffins are baking, all there is left to do is wait, and sing songs to the fire to encourage the muffins along.

Rizwan Ahmed
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