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Pair Stare for Blends!

Practicing Blends with a Fun Game

Who doesn’t love a fun game? My favorite way to engage learners of all ages is through play, and this game is fun for kids and adults alike! Over the years I have developed a number of these games, and now there is a set of pair stare games for blends!

If you aren’t familiar with pair stare, you may want to visit this pair stare post. However, you can get an idea of how it’s played by watching the video below:

You can try it out in the image below. Look at the top two cards. Do you see the one and only image or word that is on BOTH cards? Once you find it, do the same with the bottom two cards! 

Why is this game so much fun? No matter how often you play, the game is
always slightly different. You can try playing with the cards below.
Pick two cards and then look at them until you find the match. It’s
harder than it seems! Sometimes you think there must not be a
match…but I promise you there is. A few things that can help you out:

  • If it’s a word or blend, it will always be the same color and font
  • the match will NOT always be the same size

Did you find the answer to the image above?

This game is always different, because when you shuffle the cards, there is a new match! ANY two cards in the deck have one unique match. With over 55 possibilities, it’s harder than it initially sounds!

The game also has both words and images, as well as the blends! The words have been carefully selected as easier to read, as you can see above with words like brag, from, and free, while more complicated words that students would not yet be able to read are displayed in image form, such as trampoline, broccoli, and dragon.

L Blends, R Blends, and S Blends

You can find all three blends games in my TpT shop:


Or save these ideas for later on Pinterest:

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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