Recommended Batteries for Dodge Avenger Models


Premium Performance Is Crucial

While selecting a battery for 2013 Dodge Avenger vehicles, you should consider a few factors. Your new battery should provide the power, durability, and recharging capability to support your usual driving habits and conditions. 

Duralast 26-DL Battery

The Duralast Battery 26-DL is a sturdy and dependable model that regularly receives five-star ratings from drivers. Compatible with Dodge Avenger vehicles, the DL-26 has a vibration-resistant design and can withstand excess cold and heat. The DL-26 offers 525 cold cranking amps and an 85-minute reserve capacity. 

Fast Battery Recharging

Several other battery models deliver consistent power for demanding applications. Compatible models for Dodge Avenger vehicles include the ACDelco Advantage 86S and the Odyssey Battery 75-86-705 models.

ACDelco Advantage 86S Battery

ACDelco’s Advantage 86S incorporates a few essential features. The 86S’s maintenance-free design includes corrosion-resistant terminals plus flame arrestor vents and integral gas separators to prevent external spark damage. This model includes lead-calcium alloy positive and negative grids to further minimize corrosion damage while boosting cycle life and reducing water consumption. It also uses a distinctive envelope separator construction to inhibit internal corrosion and extend battery life. Finally, the 86S combines premium-quality alloys and high-density paste for rapid charging and ultimate power delivery. It provides up to 580 CCA and 95 minutes of reserve capacity.

Odyssey 75-86-705 Battery

The Odyssey 75-86-705 AGM Battery is optimized for enhanced dependability and longevity. This AGM model integrates an absorbent glass mat that holds its interior electrolyte solution, preventing leaks and spillage. The Odyssey AGM also features flat plates made from 99.99% pure lead, allowing a greater quantity of thinner plates to fit inside. Boosting surface contact area by 15%, these extra plates increase power capacity. 

AGM batteries like the Odyssey 75-86-705 outrank their conventional counterparts in performance and longevity. This model lasts up to three times longer than standard lead-acid batteries, offering a service life between three and 10 years. With superior deep cycling and fast charging capabilities, the 75-86-705 effortlessly keeps critical accessories in your vehicle running. It supplies up to 708 CCA and 89 minutes of reserve capacity.

Where To Find Dodge Avenger Batteries

Duralast, ACDelco, and Odyssey are all industry-leading brands producing superior-grade batteries that go the distance, mile after mile. Purchase your battery for Dodge Avenger vehicles from a reputable aftermarket car parts retailer. For added convenience, choose a retailer with online ordering and in-store pickup. Save money by bringing your old battery for recycling: You’ll get your core charge deducted from the purchase of your new battery. 


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