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Session 5 Begins: Year 5 – Week 18 In Review — The Forest School

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Happy New Year everyone, and welcome back to school.

This is Session 5, one of the longest sessions this year and we are excited to have all of the staff and learners back to grind out the rest of the year. We started school on Tuesday, and it was very busy, fun, and productive.

So far this week has been a reminder to all heroes that we are still practicing ‘’ Flipping the Script’’ and having them be in control of their own learning with the guides by their side. As the new session is in effect, we have a new Quest called ‘’Seedify’’. In this session, Middle and High School learners will explore the fundamentals of gardening and harvesting different herbs, fruits, and vegetables by creating their own gardening towers and traveling to local farms.

They will have two options for this Quest: 1.) create a proposal for the Town at Trilith for a new location for a community garden (the winning group will have their proposal implemented!), or 2.) create a proposal to the mayor and city council for how Fayetteville may better incorporate gardens in the city. All learners will participate in the building of garden beds. This is very exciting for their studio because they feel like it will teach them patience, time management, and to be more self-sufficient.

Furthermore, we will continue our Story Arts badge by bringing in a lesson called ‘’ Inside a Televisions Writers Room’’. This lesson is very creative and hands-on for the learners. These challenges will help them with clear concise writing skills, creativity, grasping the understanding of developing scripts, and analyzing and developing different characters. There will be a Live Event on January 23 where the learners will be chosen to showcase their best script/movie for the host Jeffery Stepakoff.

This week is off to a great start, and so is this session.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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