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Session 5: Year 5 – Week 19 In Review — The Forest School

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Our “Seedify” Quest this session is well underway.

Learners are truly learning the fundamentals of gardening and harvesting. After they completed a ton of research to get started, we had our first expert come in and explain the germination process. Since then, many groups’ seeds have sprouted in just a few days! Shortly after, we had our 2nd expert come in. This expert was here to examine their sprouted seeds and their process and provide feedback. Some of the groups have provided their seeds with excellent homes for continued growth, and some groups had some work to do in creating better-growing environments. As of today, 1/12, all groups are on the right track!

Next week we will have an expert come in and help them transfer their sprouted seeds into larger gardens. After that, it is all about care, lighting, and watering. Soon we will all taste their hard work!

This week and next week, we also have two field trips to the PTC greenhouse in Fayetteville, MS went first today, and HS will go on Tuesday, January 17.

There’s also upcoming excitement for StoryArts! In 2 weeks, we will have a guest speaker to provide expertise on screenwriting and television production.

Lastly, fun! That element has been missing for a while now simply because the focus on flow has been so high. Thus, we will be adding that ingredient back into the recipe of awesomeness that has become the High School studio.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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