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Session 5: Year 5 – Week 22 In Review — The Forest School

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As we come to a close of Session 5 in a week, the studio has continued to push forward with all the tasks and challenges at hand; Quest, Civ, and Story Arts.

Each badge has been worked out tremendously by each learner. Learners have consistently met their daily learning goals when it comes to completing Core Skills. We rewarded the heroes that have done such with different incentives. As guides, we have created motivators that will keep this increase in workflow going.

This week went over the importance of proper research and how it can benefit you in society. During Quest, learners had to identify the purpose of their community gardens, find the stakeholders, determine plot fees and they had to figure out who their leader will be when it was time to put this in action. 

In Civilization, learners are breaking down the importance of The Harlem Renaissance. This week heroes worked on the Music aspect of the Harlem Renaissance. As a challenge, they took different songs from the 1920s vs. now and see which songs sound familiar. In this challenge, they got to experience DJ life by mixing similar songs from that time period. They all enjoyed this challenge, and Friday, we will see what everyone will showcase.

Story Arts will continue Monday, where they will submit their scripts and receive feedback. Exhibition is also next week, Feb 15, 2023 at 6pm where learners will walk you through their Seedify Garden Quest.

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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