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Session 5: Year 5 – Week 23 In Review — The Forest School

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We did it! We finished strong!

First, I would like to give a shout out to the High School studio for Story Arts this session. We had one major assignment which was writing a TV episode, minimum 5 pages, and they did an awesome job! Not only did everyone meet the requirements, but they were really good! Heroes put their heart, mind, and soul into these scripts and you can feel it.

How do I know you wonder? Well, it’s because we held a studio-wide “table read”! It was a ton of fun, we all gathered in a large circle and read scripts aloud. Each group assigned actors to their characters, making the reads that much more fun and live! Once we finished ALL scripts, we voted on the best one, and that one is getting sent to THE Jeff Stepakoff; the Co-Executive Producer of television shows – Dawson’s Creek, Chasing Life, Wild Card – and has served as a Writer-Producer and/or Writer on eight primetime or first-run cable staffs, including the Emmy-winning The Wonder Years. He has written for two hit Disney films, is credited on over two hundred television episodes. Can’t wait to reveal who won!!

Secondly, our Quest was a hit! Considering this Quest had two parts; learning how to garden and pitching a community garden to two major clients, the learners stayed in flow and completed the mission well.

Lastly, we closed out the session through Civilization with a focus on gun control, and black history via the evolution of banking. Though this session was long and arduous, the heros pushed through each day, and their growth was nothing short of impressive. They have all truly earned a recoupering break, so everyone, enjoy!

Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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