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Solving Linear Inequalities Gallery Walk

Two of my personal goals this school year is to start regularly blogging and to re-join the Twitter community! My goal is to blog every day for the next 2 weeks and share ideas/activities that were successful (someone please hold me accountable lol). I don’t know about any of you guys, but last year, my students did not like to engage with each other. It was rough to get kids to talk to one another or to get students “engaged” in the classroom.

Students completed an error analysis gallery walk to practice solving multi-step inequalities. For this activity, we combined other Algebra 1 classes to help promote student talk. Below are pictures of students collaborating and talking with each other (big teacher YAY). All of the other Algebra 1 teachers said that this was such a fun activity and that we can’t wait to do more like these! 

When students were discussing how to solve inequalities, they were using different strategies (based on other teachers’ teaching-methods). This was great to help struggling students who did not understand a particular way of solving multi-step inequalities. Overall, this activity took 10-15 minutes and I would recommend using it if you have those minutes to spare.

Here is the link if you would like to use: CLICK HERE


Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
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