Spiders & Bats Gross Motor Activities for Preschool


Spiders and bats are perfect fall themes for your preschool classroom because they are not scary! Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, spiders and bats are a great way to transition through fall when it comes to planning and prepping all of your activities for your preschoolers. Our spiders & bats gross motor activities are guaranteed to get your preschoolers up and moving and strengthening those core muscles!

The spiders & bats gross motor activities include 5 individual farm themed printable movement games. Each game includes preschool skills that you are working on in your classroom, as well as ways to strengthen and move those core and gross motor muscles. 

The games included in this printable pack offer different movement and coordination opportunities for your preschoolers!

Spider Web Toss – Toss the pretend spider at the colored spider web that was spun!

Bat Balance – Roll the cube and move down the bat balance path in the movement that is shown!

Spider Spin & Dance – Choose a card and move like a spider in the way that the card says!

Batty Bending – Complete the batty bending exercise the number of times rolled on the cube!

Move Like Spiders & Bats – Pick a card and move in a fun way like the spider & bat themed movements around the classroom!


Adding gross motor and movement activities is so important in the preschool classroom! They are just as important as the other skills that you work on each day. Integrating these types of activities into your literacy, math, and sensory learning centers and activities makes sense because preschoolers learn best being exposed to skills repeatedly in different ways.

Sensory Play

These activities can be used during circle time, as a transition activity, or simply as a way to to add extra preschool skills practice to your day!

In my 3’s classroom, I would use these activities in a way that did not include needing to master the skill to play. Most of the gross motor games are set up that way – more for exposure and practice. But if my 3’s did not all know their letters, I would not include all 26 letter cards in a game. Instead, I would choose the number of cards as the number of preschoolers in the classroom. It would make choosing their card easier after moving around because there would be a limited number, and it would allow us to focus on certain letters instead of the entire alphabet.

In my 4’s classroom, these gross motor games would be used as they were intended. They would be a game to challenge the class to work together or to help each other when maybe one preschooler got stuck on the shape, number, or letter. Or could not gallop or skip quite yet. The gross motor games are able to push the older preschoolers to move in different ways and to use the preschool skills they are working on in a super fun, encouraging way.

Find this set at the green button below.

You will want to grab this set of spiders & bats move & learn gross motor games to add to your daily plans. There is almost zero prep besides printing and laminating!

Your preschoolers will thank you!





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