TED Talks, Book Publishing, AI, Design Thinking & More…Session 6: Year 5, Week 24 In Review — The Forest School


middle school studio

Welcome to the second to last session of the school year.

As a developing learners, some weeks can be overwhelming and challenging. But sometimes there are weeks that are just plain successful. This week was one of those weeks for the learners. They tackled different topics: AI, honesty, Ted Talks, and different writing techniques, such as hyphens and semi-colons. Each of these challenged them in different ways, and the learners came out of the week feeling accomplished and proud of what they had learned.

The Studio started the week by learning about AI, i.e. artificial intelligence. They learned about what AI is, how it works, and its many uses in today’s world. Furthermore, the Studio also learned about the ethical concerns surrounding AI, such as the potential loss of jobs and the possibility of machines becoming too intelligent for humans to control. It was fascinating to learn about the potential benefits and risks of AI and to see how this technology is already being used in our daily lives.

Next, heroes moved on to the character trait of honesty. We talked about what it means to be honest, why it’s important, and the consequences of dishonesty. We also discussed how honesty is related to trust and how important it is to maintain trust in relationships. Through various activities and discussions, they were able to reflect on their own behaviors and how we can improve their honesty in their personal and academic lives.

Finally, for Story Arts, they ended the week by dissecting a Ted Talk. We watched a thought-provoking talk on a topic that was new to many of us, and we learned how to break it down into its main points and arguments. We discussed how the speaker used rhetorical strategies to persuade the audience and how we can use these same strategies in our own presentations and speeches. This exercise helped us to better understand the art of public speaking and how to effectively communicate our own ideas. Overall, this week was a success for the Studio!


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