The Ultimate Gift Guide for Toddlers


Once toddlerhood arrives, you may find your little one with more of everything: more energy, more enthusiasm and a more colorful imagination. Lean on these toys to help make the most of a toddler’s curiosity and support cognitive, emotional and physical development.

When it comes to celebrating holidays as a family, it’s the little things our children will remember most. Our 24 Invitations for Holiday Play and 8 Invitations for Hanukkah Play offer meaningful, festive ways to play all winter long! Whether you’ve got toddlers or teenagers, these play prompts will inspire the whole family to create, move, and imagine. This year, give your family the gift of quality time spent playing together. 

Lily & River Little Steps

Little Steps are Montessori-inspired rainbow stepping stones that help children with balance and coordination. Use your steps to create the ultimate obstacle course or hot lava setup. Little Steps boosts children’s physical activity and gross motor skill development. Plus, Little Steps benefits playtime imagination and creativity – inspiring Littles to jump and stretch for a full body exercise.

Smol Bounce House

This modern bounce house has sold out time and time again (their launch was gone in just 24 hours!) but it’s finally back in stock. The chicest bounce house we’ve seen, Smol is a big impact holiday gift that brings the fun and the design. 

HABA Discovery Blocks

Open your child up to a world of wonder with the Discovery Blocks set from HABA. Each of the six sturdy wooden blocks has its own secret treasure to discover. There’s a rattling bead, a yellow peephole, a push button, a bell, a mirror, and a kaleidoscope. Children will spend hours uncovering the different surprises, and their senses will be stimulated as they create their own structures with the blocks! 

Wooden Toy Shopping Cart


This classic Shopping Cart is the perfect imaginative play staple. Your child will be ready to gather the groceries (and whatever else they can collect) with this sturdy and modern cart made from premium birch wood. Each wooden cart features non-slip rubber wheels that will glide over floors and provide a smooth and sturdy ride for your little shopper.   

Mini Swoop Bag

Tired of seeing loose blocks and legos all over your house?! Swoop has you covered! Created by mother Sarah Kirk, Swoop Bags are a smart storage solution that will change the way your family plays. Designed with a 6″ edge piece to contain small pieces and parts, Swoop Bags open up to offer a circular play mat that children can play around. When play is complete simply use the drawstring cords to “Swoop it up!” and collect any loose parts. We love that Swoop makes clean up simple so that children are encouraged to take ownership over their play and clean up experience independently. 

I’m This Many Old! Personalized Tee

The perfect gift for toddlers who proudly share their age with everyone around them! This buttery-soft cotton shirt is hand-embroidered in the USA with your child’s name and age. Available for ages 1-5, these tees will be cherished keepsakes for your little one’s most adorable years. You can count on it!

Liberty of London Personalized Apron

Your little sous chef will love wearing this customizable apron while helping out in the kitchen! Each apron is lovingly handmade and personalized by Anelle Holmes, founder of My Little Shop UK, in the Kent countryside. Simply indicate your child’s initial and the Liberty of London fabric of your choice. Know a couple little chefs who would love to match? This apron is available in two sizes for children 3-6 and 7-11. 

Happy Folk Hotel

Designed with open-ended play in mind, the Happy Folk Hotel includes nine uniquely painted individuals in their own little compartments. Perch these wooden friends on any surface, add them to your child’s block corner, or tuck them into your child’s backpack for on-the-go play. Though the Happy Folk Hotel looks fabulous as playroom decor, your little one will put this stunning toy to use, year after year!

Wooden Magnetic Rainbow Tram

All aboard this rainbow-colored tram from Tegu! Each car contains three magnetically interchangeable parts that can be put together in a variety of ways. Three wooden passengers love to ride the tram or play on their own when they hop off at their stop! Thanks to sustainably-sourced wood and hidden magnets, the whole family will love this toddler-friendly toy.

Gathre Arc Indoor Playset

This gorgeous rainbow playset is the ultimate open-ended toy for big body play. Toddlers will climb, rock, slide, and clamber until every last wigge is out! Parents will love the sophisticated color palette as well as the practicality and luxe appeal of Gathre’s signature vegan leather. It’s a win-win!

Plan Toys Wooden Delivery Bike

Beep, beep! This spacious cargo area on the front of the wooden delivery bike gives it so many imaginative possibilities. Learning through repetition and role play, busy toddlers will spend hours loading and unloading, transporting, and delivering. This sturdy bike from Plan Toys is made of sustainably sourced wood and has been thoughtfully designed with a built-in chalkboard on both sides of the cargo area.

Little Builder Workbench


Calling all woodworkers! This beautifully designed workbench from Wonder & Wise is stocked with a hammer, wrench, pliers, hand saw, screwdriver, built-in circular saw, built-in vise, and lots of screws and nails. Wonder & Wise has become one of our go-to brands because of their commitment to making toys that encourage discovery and imaginative play!

Superhero Mouse in a Matchbox

Perfectly sized for small hands, Superhero Mouse from Maileg is a small but mighty gift! Superhero makes a perfect travel companion or familiar friend for a preschooler to tuck into a backpack. What other good deeds will this mouse accomplish? We are huge fans of Maileg mice and know many grown-up friends who collect them too!

Guide Craft Wooden Rainbow Blocks

Young builders will love constructing and stacking with this a set of 20 wooden blocks inset with vibrant translucent acrylic in a rainbow of colors. Kids of all ages will be mesmerized by the way the translucent colors transform when overlapped or held up to a sunny window. Guidecraft is an American company that has been creating open-ended wooden toys for over 50 years and is one of our go-to toy makers.

Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter

A playful twist on the classic sorting toy, the Tender Leaf Toys Noah’s Ark is also a fascinating pull toy! With functional wheels, removable roof panels, and 10 unique shapes to encourage hand eye coordination and problem solving exploration. Your favorite toddler will be delighted to sort and support their story telling skills with this robust group of animal friends!

Doctor Set

Older toddlers are at the perfect age to begin learning more about their bodies and health. Imaginative role play with this doctor set builds empathy and helps ease fears about going to the doctors office. Your little nurturer will remove splinters from teddy bears, apply bandages to dolls, and check siblings heart rates. Plan Toys products are sustainably made with rubberwood and non-toxic water-based dyes.



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