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Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Vladimir Putin Exposes the Lie that Putin is an Expansionist, Obsessed with Conquest

As I watched the above interview between Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin, I was impressed with Putin’s obvious intelligence. It’s no wonder US President Biden avoids engaging with him.

Many, including Carlson, were frustrated by Putin’s initial historical discourse, dating back to the founding of the Kievan Rus state in 882. This may have been Putin’s subtle way of highlighting a noteworthy observation about Americans: although our government eagerly dispatches weapons and troops worldwide to enforce dominance over humanity, we struggle to endure a 30-minute history lesson about the regions and populations we seek to dominate.

Putin made it clear that after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia desired to maintain a peaceful coexistence with the United States.

It’s also clear that it was the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex that wished to create a state of discord.

Putin also talked about NATO violating the enlargement pledge they made to Russia. The following is a bit of history of what happened:

During the negotiations leading to the reunification of Germany in 1990, there were discussions between Western leaders and Soviet/Russian officials regarding the future expansion of NATO. At the time, there were assurances given to the Soviet Union that NATO would not expand its military alliance eastward towards the borders of Russia. Despite these assurances, NATO has expanded to include several Eastern European countries, including Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, among others. This expansion has been a point of contention with Russia viewing it as a breach of trust and a security threat. To make matters worse, now there’s talk of having Ukraine join NATO.

Below are some of the key statements made by Putin statements during the interview:

  • Regarding the negotiation process and its unsuccessful outcome: “[Talks] reached a very high stage of coordination of positions in a complex process, but still they were almost finalized. But after we withdrew our troops from Kiev… the other side threw away all these agreements.”
  • Regarding the last time he spoke with Joe Biden: “I talked to him before the special military operation, of course… I told him I believe that you are making a huge mistake of historic proportions by supporting everything that is happening there, in Ukraine, by pushing Russia away.”
  • Regarding the possibility of global war: “It goes against common sense to get involved in some kind of a global war and a global war will bring all humanity to the brink of destruction.”
  • Regarding Russia’s territorial ambitions: “We simply don’t have any interest [in Poland, Latvia, or anywhere else]. It’s just threat mongering.”

Tucker Carlson Reflects on the Putin Interview

Watch this video in which Tucker Carlson reflects on the Putin interview:


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