Try Nikola Tesla’s Nightly Ritual To Access Information From the Universe & Watch What Happens Next…



Source: Jake Ducey

In this enlightening video, Jake Ducey discusses Nikola Tesla’s nighttime ritual that he used before going to sleep in order to access ideas and solutions from the universe. Tesla believed that the brain acts as an antenna that receives cosmic energy, and by setting intentions before sleep, one can tap into a higher level of consciousness called “super Consciousness.”

Ducey shares three main ideas for utilizing Tesla’s technique:

  1. Imagine your brain as an antenna receiving cosmic energy: Tesla believed that our brains are receivers of knowledge from a core in the universe. The brain’s primary function is to control the body’s processes and serve as an electronic switching station that harnesses invisible energy, much like a computer connects to Wi-Fi.
  2. Set your intentions before sleep: Tesla would put a notepad and pen next to his bed and write down his intentions before going to sleep. By doing so, he accessed the super Consciousness and received ideas and solutions for his inventions. Ducey recommends trying this technique for 21 days to see its effects on various aspects of life, such as finances or career.
  3. Write down your desires and keep a pen and paper handy: Before going to sleep, write down what you want Super Consciousness to deliver, and have a pen and paper ready to record any ideas that come to you during the night. Ducey emphasizes that the more you practice this technique, the more ideas will flow to you.

Ducey also recommends his “Sleep and Get Rich” sleep system, which combines Tesla’s technique with the latest advances in neuroscience. The sleep tracks are designed to bring listeners deeper into sleep and make them more receptive to ideas that can reprogram their subconscious mind, leading to faster and easier manifestation of their desires.

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