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Unleashing the next chapter of personalized and interactive online learning with generative AI, machine learning, and virtual reality – Coursera Blog

New products, tools, and features will help enhance educator and learner experiences on Coursera

By Shravan Goli, Chief Operating Officer, Coursera 

Today, we’re excited to announce several new platform features to support and empower the needs of learners, partners, and organizations around the world. From personalized coaching and expanded course translations to seamless course building and ever-faster grading tools, these innovations mark a new chapter for teaching and learning on Coursera and our vision for generative AI in online learning. 

Want to dive deeper into Coursera’s vision for generative AI in learning?
Check out the “The Future of Learning and Work: Creating More Equal Opportunity in a More Digital World” session at Coursera Conference 2023 to hear from Jeff Maggioncalda, Coursera CEO, and Coursera product leaders about generative AI tools and features in development, including demos of early product prototypes. 

Building a highly personalized learner experience

Every learner on Coursera has unique needs and goals when it comes to their learning journey. We are particularly excited to share new tools and features designed to create even more personalization along each of these journeys.

  • COURSERA COACH POWERED BY GENERATIVE AI– Learners will have access to a virtual coach, powered by generative AI, that can answer questions and share personalized feedback. The coach will also be able to provide quick video lecture summaries and resources, such as a recommended clip, to help learners better understand a specific concept. Pilot launching in the coming months.

  • ML-POWERED TRANSLATIONS – To make the platform more accessible, we are deploying machine learning at scale so learners take coursework in their own language. Over the coming months, thousands of course readings, lecture video subtitles, quizzes, assessments, peer review instructions, and discussion prompts across 2,000+ courses will be translated from English into Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, and Indonesian. 
  • FLEXIBLE VIEWING IN GUIDED PROJECTS – Coursera offers over 3,500 Guided Projects focused on building and practicing job-ready skills. Now, to provide even more flexibility in these Guided Projects, learners can watch instructional videos side-by-side with their cloud workspace or in a separate window, depending on their preferred screen setup.

Helping educators create more engaging content faster and at scale

We know partners and organizations want to offer engaging content to learners in a scalable way. That’s why we’ve designed tools and features to make every step of the content creation process easier, while also expanding the modes for educational delivery on Coursera.

  • AI-ASSISTED COURSE BUILDING POWERED BY GENERATIVE AI – Based on a few simple inputs from a human author, a new set of AI-powered features can auto-generate course content  — such as overall course structure, readings, assignments, and glossaries — to help educators dramatically reduce the time and cost of producing high-quality content. Pilot launching later this year.
  • VR COURSE EXPERIENCES – Educators can now incorporate virtual reality (VR) components into their courses to help learners engage with content more deeply, whether that’s practicing a speech in front of a simulated audience or touring the interior of a blood vessel. Learners can access these immersive experiences via desktop or most VR headsets. Read more about new VR capabilities for educators.
  • ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AT SCALE – Newly launched and expanded features support increased academic integrity and rigor on the platform. Among these new features are the Coursera for Campus plagiarism portal where educators can examine plagiarism metrics and handle learner appeals, ID verification to confirm learners are who they say they are, and enhanced plagiarism detection capabilities on course assessments. In the coming months, we’ll also be rolling out the ability to improve assessment robustness with hybrid-live proctoring capabilities
  • QUICK GRADER – The grading process just got easier with intuitive navigation and keyboard shortcuts. Quick Grader also enables educators to seamlessly render uploaded assignments to review alongside grading rubrics. Educators can also now provide targeted yet scalable feedback with reusable comments and enhance feedback to learners using rich text to include hyperlinks, formulas, or code blocks. All features are currently available in beta to degree partners.
  • IMPROVED AUTHORING CAPABILITIES – The authoring experience is now even faster and more customizable for all course authors with Rich Text Editor 2.0 and a revamped Version History. New capabilities include embedded plug-ins with Readings, improved formatting features, and easier editing for math formulas, alt text, and accessibility descriptions, to name a few. 

Today we also unveiled Coursera Hiring Solutions (Beta), our skills-first recruitment platform that matches industry-trained, job-ready talent with companies filling entry-level digital roles. Coursera Hiring Solutions, together with the tools and features highlighted above, help propel our broader mission to make high-quality education more accessible for learners, educators, and organizations around the world. 

* Planned pilot, launch dates, and features referenced are subject to change. Further, these statements are not guarantees and purchasing decisions should not be made on the basis of forthcoming features.

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Rizwan Ahmed
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