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Virtual PD for Elementary Teachers

WHOLE Teacher Training and Nurturing

Fill in the Blank

I am a ___________ teacher.

Whatever blank you filled in, you probably also have a missing piece.

Do you want to be prepared whether you are teaching in the classroom or in a distance learning environment?

Do you want to be a culturally responsive teacher who meets the needs of ALL your students?

Do you want to be a ROCK STAR in every subject area, not just the ones you already LOVE to teach?


Whole-Teacher EclecticCon to the Rescue!

We often talk about educating the whole child, but what about whole teacher PD?

Most PD focuses solely on academic content, but we KNOW great teaching is about



more than that.

There’s a LOT to explore and learn about the art of teaching, and now there’s one easy place to start: Whole-Teacher EclecticCon!

This online conference is chock-full of trainings, free resources, and more!


the academic sessions are geared for upper elementary (grade 3-5),
there are a LOT of sessions that apply to any grade level. Even if you
aren’t teaching those grade levels, you’re welcome to join us if the
sessions resonate with you.

All The Awesome Virtual Teacher Conference Details

60+ session
s presented by a group of master educators, authors, and subject matter experts

Topics include: best practices and tips & tricks for all academic content areas (grades 3-5), culturally responsive teaching, arts integration, social-emotional learning, special education, educational technology, avoiding burnout, tools to help you in the regular classroom and with distance learning, and more!

Private pop-up Facebook group where you can interact with presenters, get your questions answered and win daily raffles during the conference

Live panel discussions, special presentations, and interviews

Revisit all the conference content as often as you’d like for a full year

Bonus Bundle with teaching resources (yes, STEM activities are also included — this conference pays for itself!)

Opportunities to earn PD credits (see site FAQ for details)


Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
AuditStudent.com, founded by Rizwan Ahmed, is an educational platform dedicated to empowering students and professionals in the all fields of life. Discover comprehensive resources and expert guidance to excel in the dynamic education industry.


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