Why Love is the Answer – A Logical Explanation by Tom Campbell



Source: Tom Campbell

“Love is the answer, and you know that for sure. Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow.” ~ John Lennon, Mind Games

In this fabulous video, Tom Campbell explains why love is the answer and how moving away from materialism and greed leads to a more loving society. He states that love is a logical condition that optimizes the lowering of entropy in a social system, where consciousness interacts with consciousness.

To illustrate his point, Campbell sets up a hypothetical experiment involving two groups of 100,000 people each with identical resources. One group is the “love group,” which operates with cooperation, caring, and sharing, while the other group is the “fear-based group,” which operates in a world of mistrust, selfishness, and protection of personal resources.

After ten years, the love group would have built a more functional society with lower entropy, while the fear-based group would be full of dysfunction, high entropy, noise, and violence. The love group’s cooperative and caring approach optimizes the potential of its members, enabling them to work together to achieve more than they would individually.

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Campbell also explains that a truly caring, loving society would have maximum individual freedom and choices, with each person’s happiness as a priority. In such a society, people would work together to support one another’s goals and desires, fostering an environment of growth and fulfillment.

The connection between virtual reality and love is that in a virtual reality, we are all avatars, with consciousness being the computer and the player. Since consciousness is a social system, it’s optimized through love and caring. Campbell asserts that this logic is inescapable and that a more loving, cooperative society is the natural outcome of embracing an information system reality.

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