Allow Me To Introduce…


Okay, you have 7.5 minutes to tell me all about yourself.

What you like, don’t like. What you can do, can’t do, struggle with or simply have never tried.

Your favorite activities, how long you have been doing them.

Oh, and some of your important health information. Like allergies and medications.

Now tell me all this when we are in a crowd.

A loud crowd.

Oh and I forgot, I will have 23 other people telling me the same things.

Now guess how much I will remember for each person.

The answer is very little, maybe some key facts, maybe some key high points but probably not much more than that.

Now picture all 23 people together, maybe a week later, and someone needs help with something.

What are the chances that I will remember why or what reasons there are for this issue?

This is exactly what happens during an open house at the school.

That beloved event that inaugurates every school year!

The one evening when every student, and family come to meet the teacher and crowd into classroom. To deliver school supplies, show the school and classroom to the student and …..Drum roll…..


Poor teacher, really.

Not because of the crazy but because they are typically expected to retain information given this night.

There is nothing wrong with Open House if expectations are real and true for it.

Especially for our children with special needs.

Use the night correctly for them

-Let them see the school

-Show them their new class room(s)

-Put their school supplies away

-Let them see where lunch will be

-Show them the route from the door to their room

-Maybe do some of these things a few times.

-AND MEET THE TEACHER- but do it in the manner that suits your child. Maybe it is in a quiet moment, maybe it is only for a few seconds, maybe it is your very verbal child introducing themselves. Whatever works for your situation.


-the one that tells them about your child, their disorders, what they like, don’t like….. Basically a cheat sheet for your child. You can even put their photo on the corner of it.

It is the letter I speak about often- the one I say to keep updating throughout summer.

Now is the time to put it to good use.

The teacher doesn’t need to try to hear all your words and concerns, they will have your letter.

So as you prepare for your year and even if open house has already happened, the letter will still help them as they begin the year.

And truth be told, this will be the START of your communications with the school not the ONLY one. So let the letter start the positive teamwork approach you are wanting for you and your child.

Good luck as you begin a new year!

I wish everyone a peaceful week.


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