Behind the Images We See




Full of enjoyment

All is well

and on and on go the images that we share and see on social media sites.

But are they really all those things that the images are showing?

As a parents and caregivers of children with special needs, we know just hard our kids work in their lives. To do the things that others can do with little or no effort.

And we know how hard WE work to help these beautiful people succeed at life.

It is not easy, I will be the first to say it. But I will also be the first to say, that my daughter, Elizabeth is worth it all and more.

With that being said, I can’t help but see the posts and images and for a moment wonder just how true to real life they are.

I know that there is such an uptick in anxiety and depression. Some experts say it is related to social media and the emotions that it creates in the viewer. Life is always perfect/better/wonderful.

I think something I do when I see a particularly perfect post is to look at one of the pictures I have of Elizabeth and think about the backround to that picture.

To look behind the image

Was it a good day? or just a good moment?

What happened before this picture?

What occurred right after?

It is like in the one movie about emotions where they show that the emotions of happy and sad can occur at the same time. Maybe that is the same kind of thing here. Elizabeth can be smiling at that moment but then feel overwhelmed right after.

I offer this:

Remember to look behind the images. Know that you are doing a good job and that the posts showing perfect are not true. Maybe for the moment, but let it in that it is not the reality all the time.

As we work so hard for our kids, it is hard to wonder if it is enough or why the goals we have just aren’t getting met fast or well enough. It is not made easier by hold up the mirror to social media and allowing a tug at your heart to occur.

Remember to look behind the images: trust that a captured moment in time is just that.

We all need to support each other in this journey with special needs that we are on and I felt that this was something on my mind. My daughter is 25 now, so I can’t go back in time to try this or that therapy. But what I can do is be proud of how far she has come and trust me, I really am.

But if I was a young mom to Elizabeth and I saw the social media posts that are everywhere, I feel I would have been dropped to my knees.

So I share this to help those who may tear up at a post or image.

Trust you in what you are doing and

Remember to look behind the image.


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