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Teacher Pear selected five Thai quotes she found on her friends’ Facebook, these phrases are widely shared on Thai social media. You will learn how Thais play with words to form metaphors and similes.


1.ถ้าเบื่อเขา ก็ไปทะเลกับเรานะ

/tâa buèa kǎo, gâw bpai tá-lay gàb rao ná/

Meaning 1: If you get bored of the mountains, you can go to the sea with me.

Meaning 2: If you get bored of him/her, you can go to the sea with me.


2.ผมสั้นดูแลง่าย แต่มัดใจใครไม่อยู่

/pǒm sân duu-laae ngâai, dtàae mád jai krai mâi yùu/

Short hair is easy to take care of, but it can’t be used to tie someone’s heart (can’t win someone’s heart).


3.พยายามหาแคปชั่นเด็ด แต่ลืมว่าตัวเองเด็ดกว่าแคปชั่น

/pá-yaa-yaam hǎa caption dèd, dtàae luem wâa dtua-aeng dèd gwàa caption/

I’m trying to find a cool caption, but I forgot that I am cooler than the caption.


4.ผู้ชายเจ้าชู้ เหมือนมาม่า ดูดีตอนโฆษณา แต่คุณค่าทางโภชนาการต่ำ

/pûu-chaai jâo-chúu mŭean Maa-mâa, duu dii dtawn kôod-sà-naa , dtàae kun-kâa taang pôod-chá-naa-gaan dtàm/

Players are like Mama noodles, looks good on the ads but the nutrients are low.



/òb-ùn gwàa pîi gâw mii dtàae microwave /

(If there is) something that is warmer, then it is only a microwave.


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