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Dyspraxia Foundation Webinar Series – ‘Study skills and dyspraxia’ – Dyspraxia Foundation

This webinar is for parents, tutors and teachers of secondary-aged dyspraxic students. It will also be of interest to dyspraxic students in further and higher education. We’ll consider what makes studying hard for dyspraxic people, as well as strengths we can harness to help dyspraxic students thrive. The session will include a range of approaches, tools and strategies to help dyspraxia students study with success. There will be a live Q&A at the end.

Presenter: Dr Sally Payne, occupational therapist and Dyspraxia Foundation trustee.

To view and reserve your place on this webinar, please book via our event partner (Eventbrite) website here. 
Dyspraxia Foundation Webinar Series – ‘Study skills and dyspraxia’ Tickets, Tue 23 May 2023 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

Non-Dyspraxia Foundation Members. There’s a cost of £25 to attend this webinar. Please book using the link above.

Current paid members of the Dyspraxia Foundation will receive an e-mail on how you can join this webinar for free.

If you want to view this webinar for no extra cost, catch future webinars for free or heavily reduced prices and gain discounts to our future events including an upcoming conference later this year then why not join the Dyspraxia Foundation – membership options are available for all and can be viewed here. 

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